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Draven Rumble Deck Guide

Unlike the other Magic Misadventures champions, Rumble was a bit slow in finding its proper shell... but the wait is over: Wamuu gets the party ready to roll!

Hey there! Wamuu here!

I hope everybody had a great holiday weekend. Today I'm bringing you a deck guide for my favorite deck this patch: Draven Rumble Aggro.

Piltover & Zaun
23 cards
17 cards
23 000
Mana cost
Zaunite Urchin
Ballistic Bot
Boom Baboon
Fallen Rider
Poro Cannon
Mystic Shot
Get Excited!


I found this deck while scrolling down on Youtube in FaintHD's channel. He is a very cool content creator and comes up with a lot of unique competitive decks to climb. If you are interested in that type of content, you should definitely check him out: here's his YouTube channel (link), or you can find him on Twitter.

I really love this deck because it is a better version of my Draven Sion deck that I posted a couple of patches ago. It does almost the same thing but way better because Rumble is a lot faster than Sion and it has other ways of finishing the game like Ballistic Bot + Ambush in case your aggression is stopped.

The basic concept of the deck is to deal damage early game with units such as Zaunite Urchin, Daring Poro, Fallen Rider, Boom Baboon and Draven. Then you finish off the game with either an Ambush or Might combo, burn spells like Decimate and Get Excited! or a Rumble level up.


3x Draven: No surprise here. As long as your deck has Discard synergy Draven is a must. He creates a Spinning Axe when you summon him and every time he strikes which is almost guaranteed with his quick attack keyword, creating at least two cards for discarding. He can also be an alternate win condition in some games but it rarely happens and you usually just want to generate as many axes with him as you can.

3x Rumble: This is the power card of the deck. In this deck it is very easy to have three cards to discard to give Rumble all of his keywords without losing too much value. It is extremely difficult for your opponent to deal with a 5/4 quick attack, impact and spellshield unit on turn four. Especially if you have been swarming him on earlier turns.

Rumble exerts a lot of pressure on the opponent and usually takes just two attacks to level up and start generating value: any damage you deal to the enemy Nexus with a levelled-up Rumble on board creates a mecha-yordle if you don't have one in hand, or buffs a mecha-yordle in hand if you have do.

Some weird things to keep in mind when playing Rumble

  • If he's going to level during this attack (that's to say, if when you attack he's still at level 1, but will hit for enough damage to level-up), you usually want to attack with him to the left -- any damage you deal afterwards, either through Rumble's Impact keyword and/or when your other units strike the Nexus, will create or discount & buff a Mech,
  • But once he is leveled though, whenever you attack you want him as your rightmost unit to guarantee the mecha-yordle creation and buffs in case he dies in combat.

Rumble is also an amazing target for Ambush because of his Spellshield and Impact keyword. He is very hard to interact with and will most likely hit the enemy nexus for all of his damage unless he gets blocked by an elusive unit.

A very nice curve before playing rumble is Ballistic Bot or Boom Baboon on turn two, Draven on three into Rumble. This is because assuming you attacked with Draven you will have a total of one Ignition and two Spinning Axe for Rumble to discard and get his full value.

3x Zaunite Urchin: Staple one drop in discard synergy decks. She can be played on turn one and can cycle your deck by discarding cards like Fallen Rider.

Remember she can be played without discarding if you don't have a good target by pressing the blue summon button on the right when you play her.

3x Ballistic Bot: Highly synergistic card for this deck as it creates a burn spell that can also be used for discard fodder, everything we want in a card. You usually want to play him on turns when you don't attack as he is a bit of a tempo loss and we want to keep high tempo in order to run down our opponent. He can also be an amazing Ambush target because he grows to very high attack in this deck. We run a lot of cards that create other cards so it is very easy to finish off your opponent with a high attack elusive Ballistic Bot.

3x Boom Baboon: Great two drop for this deck. It creates a Flame Chompers! in hand, that when discarded, allows us to remove a blocker for our other units to strike the enemy nexus directly, maximizing our damage output. He also has three attack power which is good for a two drop if we want to deal a lot of damage.

3x Fallen Rider: Probably our best two drop as he creates a Risen Rider when discarded which has an amazing 4/2 stat line as well as the Fearsome keyword that helps connect to the enemy nexus against most decks. Most of the time this card is basically a Decimate for two mana which is pretty nuts if you ask me.

3x Poro Cannon: Good discard synergy card that creates two Daring Poro in hand. Having one or two elusive damage each time you have the attack token really adds up as the game goes on. Believe me when I tell you that you shouldn't underestimate the damage this small poros can put out in the long run.

2x Jury-Rig: Flexible discard fodder that can be used to go wide in early turns or summon a burst speed blocker when needed or when your opponent is attacking with a one health unit.

3x Ambush: Alternative finisher card that synergizes well with our deck since we create a lot of cards. Usually, you want to cast this on Rumble or Ballistic Bot for maximum damage output but can also be casted on other units even if it isn't enabled just to push a bit more damage when needed.

3x Mystic Shot: This is usually a burn spell to use on the opponent's nexus but can be used sometimes if you really need to remove an important unit from your opponent's board.

3x Get Excited!: Basically, the same thing as Mystic Shot but does more damage and has discard synergy. Very good card to finish off games.

3x Might: This card has the same function as Ambush where it is used to push damage when needed or can be an alternate finisher. Rumble is the best target for this card because of his Spellshield keyword but can be used on any unit to push more damage. Usually, you want to cast this on a unit that is blocked by a low health unit in your opponent's board for maximum damage output.

2x Vision: Highly synergistic card in this deck. It is discard fodder and also grants +1 attack to all of our units. You usually want to set up a wide board before discarding this card to surprise your opponent and deal a lot of unexpected damage. Players rarely play around Vision so use this to your advantage.

3x Decimate: One of our main finishers. Pretty straight forward, deals four damage to the enemy nexus giving us a lot of reach to close out the game once we have lowered our opponent's health in the early game.


For this section I will not be using the Mastering Runeterra MU Table because in my experience with this list, it does not accurately represent the matchups. Instead, I will be using my personal experience and I will be giving a rating from unfavored to favored.

Kennen Ahri Alligiance (Favored):

Mulligan: Draven, Rumble (if you have a good hand),Zaunite Urchin, Ballistic Bot, Fallen Rider, Boom Baboon, Poro Cannon (if you have discard fodder)]], Jury-Rig.

This is a very favored matchup because Kennen Ahri is essentially a combo deck, it has to recall a bunch of units before finishing the game. Our deck does not give Kennen Ahri enough time to recall enough units to level Ahri and also forces them to block a lot which consumes recalls unless they are ok with losing their units.

In the early game you want as many units as you can and attack as wide as possible. They do not have great ways of stopping wide board attacks outside of Kinkou Wayfinder and even then, they have to commit recalls if they want to save their units. Rumble is a great unit against this deck because of spellshield, they would have to commit eight mana to remove a rumble or use two Twin Disciplines to trade with him. Not a lot of good options. 

You want to follow your normal gameplan of dealing as much damage as possible but especially before turn four because on turn four Kinkou Wayfinder can punish your development. Outside of that the game should be pretty easy as they don't run healing and they have limited interaction for our burn spells.

Poro Cannon can help you block some elusive attackers if the game goes long enough but this is rare and it should be used to attack offensively most of the time.

Twisted Fate Nami BC (slightly favored):

Mulligan: Draven, Rumble (if you have a good hand), Zaunite Urchin, Ballistic Bot, Fallen Rider, Boom Baboon, Poro Cannon (if you have discard fodder)]], Jury-Rig.

Like Kennen Ahri this is a combo deck so it takes a while to close out games. It does not go very wide outside of Marai Warden and Double Trouble so going wide and attacking can help you get a lot of damage in. Also, if your opponent banks mana on turns one and two don't develop on turn three as they will most likely play Double Trouble.

Fallen Rider is the best card against this deck because they do not have any fearsome blockers whatsoever outside of Fleet Admiral Shelly and Curious Shellfolk so most of the time it is a guaranteed four damage in this matchup. 

The card you need to watch out the most is Twisted Fate because of his Red Card. A lot of units in our deck have one health meaning Red Card can wipe your board if you don't play around it. 

Even if we don't deal as much damage as we would like in the early game, we have a LOT of burn and their deck has no healing or a way to stop them. Multiple Ballistic Bot can be great in this matchup once your opponent stabilizes because it guarantees two damage every turn.

Poro Cannon can be used later in the game as a defensive tool once your opponent stabilizes and starts pumping up big elusive units with Nami.

If your opponent plays unleveled Nami or Fleet Admiral Shelly don't hesitate to cast Get Excited! on them if needed because their deck does not run any protection for her. Usually you don't want to kill Twisted Fate in this matchup because he can use Red Card again, but if he is close to leveling you can kill him with Mystic Shot.

Senna Veigar (slightly unfavored):

Mulligan: Draven, Rumble (if you have a good hand), Zaunite Urchin, Ballistic Bot, Fallen Rider, Boom Baboon, Poro Cannon (if you have discard fodder)]], Jury-Rig, Mystic Shot.

This matchup is very hand dependent because they have a couple of cards that can give you a hard time but if they don't draw them, you can easily win the game. Vile Feast, Withering Wail and Ixtali Sentinel are cards that can shut us down if we don't kill our opponent quickly.

Usually, you want to kill your opponent before turn six because Ixtali Sentinel is super hard to kill once it hits the board. To do this you have to go very wide in the early game and deal damage with units as much as possible to set up a finisher. 

Ambush and Might are great cards in this matchup because most of the opponent's fast spells are pings, so if you cast these on a unit like Rumble or Ballistic Bot it is pretty much guaranteed damage.

When developing, play around Withering Mist as it can shut down your attack and heal your opponent for quite a bit.

If your opponent plays Veigar ignore him and keep attacking. He is a huge tempo loss and that gives us more of a chance to quickly kill the opponent.

When pulling units with Flame Chompers! try to pull one-attack units as it allows our Flame Chompers! to stay alive and pull more units in other attack turns.

If your opponent plays a Twisted Catalyzer you can Mystic Shot him as it will slow down your opponent's gameplan quite a bit.

Pyke Rek'Sai (slightly favored):

Mulligan: Draven, Rumble (if you have a good hand), Zaunite Urchin, Ballistic Bot, Fallen Rider, Boom Baboon, Poro Cannon (if you have discard fodder)]], Jury-Rig, Mystic Shot, Get Excited! (If you have a good hand).

This is a tricky matchup because even though you should be favored most of the time, if your opponent high rolls there is not much you can do. You basically follow your normal gameplan but try to make value trades with their early game units. 

You should also prioritize playing champions on attack turns because they both have quick attack and your opponent can't block them without losing a unit most of the time.

The elusive keyword is very good in this matchup so cards like Poro Cannon and Ambush should be played when you get them to guarantee as much damage as possible.

Pyke can shut down our deck if not dealt with so try to remove him with Get Excited!.

Try to end the game before your opponent starts playing big Overwhelm units like Rek'Sai, Xer'sai Dunebreaker and Xerxa'Reth, The Undertitan because our deck only has low health blockers.

Their deck has no healing and no way to kill you outside of combat, so use your health as a resource as much as possible while dealing as much combat damage while you can, before you need to start blocking high attack lurkers.

Pantheon DE (Favored):

Mulligan: Draven, Rumble (if you have a good hand), Zaunite Urchin, Ballistic Bot, Fallen Rider, Boom Baboon, Poro Cannon (if you have discard fodder)]], Jury-Rig.

This is a very easy matchup, mostly because they only play one or two units and start buffing them. Unless they put overwhelm on them early on, we can aggro them down before they can even level Pantheon. Because they play few units, the gameplan is to go as wide as possible and attack to maximize damage. They have very limited ways to interact with our units, they mostly have strike effects like Single Combat and Concerted Strike which are not too good when you cast them on low-cost units like ours. 

Poro Cannon is a great card in this matchup as it most likely guarantees damage on the enemy nexus. If they want to stop the Daring Poro they need to cast either a strike spell or Sharpsight which is not mana efficient at all, setting them quite behind us.

When setting up lethal, remember they run Guiding Touch so assume they have two extra health at all times.

Finish the game as quickly as possible because Pantheon has a good chance to get lifesteal when he levels. If this happens you can lose the game on the spot, so maximize your damage output at all times, even if it means sacrificing value.

Lulu Ahri PZ (slightly unfavored):

Mulligan: Draven, Rumble (if you have a good hand), Zaunite Urchin, Ballistic Bot, Fallen Rider, Boom Baboon, Poro Cannon (if you have discard fodder)]], Jury-Rig.

This is a very weird matchup. Their deck is basically a sort of anti-aggro aggro deck. We are faster than them so we can kill them fairly quickly but if they draw right with Ahri or Lulu in combination with Flame Chompers! they can give us a very hard time.

They can go toe to toe with our early aggression so it is very hard to get early damage in. They also get very nice trades if they get Flame Chompers! and a champion on the board. This means we need a more burn oriented gameplan. 

Cards like Ballistic Bot, Ambush and Might can be great to force some damage into our opponent because they have limited elusive units and like us, they have low health units.

Rumble might be a bait to keep in this matchup because a Flame Chompers! supported by a Lulu can trade with him. 

On turn three do not develop because they run Used Cask Salesman which can shut down our attack.

Lulu and Ahri are very hard to deal with but if your opponent taps out of Twin Disciplines mana, you can cast Get Excited! on them to slow down their gameplan significantly.

Ekko Zilean (Favored): 

Mulligan: Draven, Rumble (if you have a good hand), Zaunite Urchin, Ballistic Bot, Fallen Rider, Boom Baboon, Poro Cannon (if you have discard fodder)]], Jury-Rig, Get Excited! (if you have a good hand).

I personally believe this is a favored matchup. Mainly because Ekko Zilean requires a wide board to revive with Chronobreak in order to win most of the time and they do not run any healing. Our early aggression forces them to block or die. The only way they can stop this aggression is by getting a Time Bomb or an Hexite Crystal off of a predict. Even then, we have so much burn that we can kill them.

Their deck has a hard time going wide outside of one copy of Production Surge so going wide is a good idea against them. Once they play Zilean or predict a Hexite Crystal things get more complicated but you can still play around them

Fallen Rider is an amazing card in this matchup because it is a guaranteed four damage every turn unless they have exactly Mystic Shot in hand.

Ballistic Bot + Ambush is a great combo against this deck because they have no way of dealing with an elusive unit. You can safely use this as your finisher. 

Usually, your opponent tries to turbo level Ekko and play him on turn four. This usually leaves them with a very small hand so casting Get Excited! on Ekko can safely remove him and prevent them from predicting into a Chronobreak.

Lissandra Taliyah (Favored):

Mulligan: Draven, Rumble (if you have a good hand), Zaunite Urchin, Ballistic Bot, Fallen Rider, Boom Baboon, Poro Cannon (if you have discard fodder)]], Jury-Rig.

Even though Lissandra Taliyah has a lot of AoE removal it is still a combo deck and needs to use mana in order to advance their gameplan. This means that if they are removing your units, they are not advancing their gameplan so it gives you more time to burn them out. As a general rule in this matchup, you want to punish your opponent when they commit mana into advancing their landmarks or doubling them by developing units into an open attack.

In this matchup you really only need to play around three cards: Ice Shard, Avalanche and Blighted Ravine. Most of the time you open attack against this deck to play around Avalanche so try to set up your board in the early turns to start open attacking and only develop once your opponent commits mana on their attack turn to advance their combo. 

Another thing you need to consider is leveled Lissandra. She can make our gameplan very difficult because she gives Tough to the opponent's Nexus. Try to deal as much damage as possible before your opponent summons two Frostguard Thrall.

Fallen Rider is a very good card to play on turn two before your opponent can Avalanche because he has no way of stopping him.

Rumble is probably the best card in this matchup because of his spellshield keyword and his four health. This makes him very hard to remove and makes him a good target for attack buffs like Ambush and Might as he plays around frostbite spells.

Gangplank Sejuani (slightly unfavored):

Mulligan: Draven, Rumble (if you have a good hand), Zaunite Urchin, Ballistic Bot, Fallen Rider, Boom Baboon, Poro Cannon (if you have discard fodder)]], Jury-Rig.

This Is a very tough matchup because they have a lot of pings and can go very wide, stopping our early game aggression. This forces us to play for more of a burn strategy while staying alive which is kind of difficult when they have Overwhelm units like Sejuani and Gangplank

Fallen Rider can help us get some early game damage if our opponent doesn't have a Jagged Butcher so try to keep him in your mulligan when you see him.

Ballistic Bot can be a very good card in this matchup as he is hard to remove outside of Monster Harpoon and can stack up attack power for a Might or Ambush finisher. Just make sure to use those spells before Sejuani levels and hits the board.

Rumble and Draven are good in this matchup because of their quick attack keyword, this makes it so the opponent needs to choose between making bad trades or losing nexus health. Rumble can also be difficult for your opponent to remove because of the spellshield keyword unless your opponent has a Sejuani so try to make good trades while you can with him.

Casting Ambush or Might on Rumble and open attacking can be a great way to deal lots of damage because they can only block elusive damage with Zap Sprayfin and their units usually have low health.

Lee Sin Zoe (Unfavored):

Mulligan: Draven, Rumble (if you have a good hand), Zaunite Urchin, Ballistic Bot, Fallen Rider, Boom Baboon, Poro Cannon (if you have discard fodder)]], Jury-Rig.

This is a terrible matchup for you and the only way to win is for your opponent to have either only one Eye of the Dragon or none at all. This is highly unlikely because most of the time they have two if they hard mulligan for it. 

Fallen Rider is the best early game card in this matchup because he can't be blocked by Dragonling unless the opponent commits a spell on it. 

Rumble can also be good with Ambush or Might because of his spellshield keyword. The only way Lee Sin Zoe players can deal with an elusive attacker is by stunning or recalling them. Rumble makes this very hard to achieve so you should save your Ambush exclusively for him. Leveling Rumble can also help you try to outvalue your opponent if they haven't drawn Lee Sin yet.

Draven is also a good keep because your opponent needs to commit spells in order to trade with him. Also Dragonling doesn't heal of off him unless they buff it with Twin Disciplines.

Zoe can get stupid amounts of value against us so remove her if your opponent taps out of mana with a Mystic Shot.


For me personally this is a very fun deck to play and if you are an aggro player chances are you will enjoy it as well. This is a very competitive deck as in both ladder and tournaments in my opinion. It is not that difficult to learn but can be difficult to pilot correctly, so try to practice it a lot before bringing it to a tournament.

I think Draven Rumble is a powerhouse even though it is not reflected on the MU tables. I think it might be because people are not piloting it correctly or they are running a more midrange version of the deck.

I personally climbed from Plat IV to Diamond with this deck and with the amount of combo decks without healing running around in ladder I think this deck is in a very good spot to grind ladder.

If the meta shifts into more healing heavy decks this deck might be bad into the meta but until then I recommend trying it out and learning it if you wish to climb ladder quickly. 

As for tournaments, this can be a very good deck to bring in triple aggro lineups or in lineups targeting Pantheon decks. Just ban Lee Zoe and hope people don't bring a triple control lineup with healing.


Top 200 Master LoR player. I have a lot of passion for this game and love sharing my thoughts and game knowledge through deck guides and articles for competitive play. 

If you would like coaching from me you can dm me in Discord at: Wamuu#7531