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Writers Whooped -- Wombats Wiggle, Wobble, Win

A sad Sunday it was for literacy: despite their worldly wordiness, our Writers were thoroughly and decisively vanquished by the waggly Wombat horde.


Like the previous Sunday's challenge between Pros and Writers, this confrontation was to be Best-of-One matches, single-elimination until all pilots of a team had suffered a loss.

The visiting wobbly wisdom (wordy fact: "wisdom" is how you call a group of wombats; no joke), composed of:

orderly arrived at the Mastering Runeterra Discord at 1pm EST sharp, and took formation in their Front Row channel.

The Writers, with the chirpy, sparkly disdain that creative types have for rules and deadlines, were yet to be found.

A few jiffies and a flurry of furious pings later the Writers, namely Leer, Maybenxtime, MonteXristo and El MaRu Capitán, Jason Fleurant, made themselves present.

(It had been previously agreed between the teams that, due the Writers' numbers being inferior to the Wombats, one Writer would have an extra "life" in this single-elimination combat).

After accommodating the El Capitán wishes to be put last (due to unfinished breakfasting businesses that had to be taken care of), the challenge commenced.

The Confrontation

MonteXristo opened for the Writers with Gnarlines, being bearded by Seku on Poppy Galio; a favorable matchup for the Troll and the prehistoric Yordle…

… that, nevertheless, Seku managed to secure.

Having drawn first blood, the Wombats sent forth Eniamor piloting Curious Fizz Gnar -- Maybenextime, behind the wheel of a 3-2-1 Pantheon Yuumi Taric , suffered a similar fate to Monte's, putting the score 2:0 in favor of the waggly wisdom.

It was now to be Yang's Darkness moment, the Wombats decided -- El Capitán still dealing with breakfasting business, the Writers opted to advance with Meta Reporter Leer, who had brought one of his recommended weapons of choice: Ahri Lulu.

The wall of Chompers managed to stem the wobbly tide, and the Writers wrestled their first victory of the day.

By the rules of this challenge, at least three of this expansion's Champs had to be played. Breakfast concluded, El Capitán revealed a bleeding-edge, rarely seen Braum Galio deck

… so rarely seen, in fact, that the confrontation was paused a few minutes in order for the MaRu captain to finish crafting said deck.

The Wombats took that time to decide Seku would be their fourth pilot to enter the fray, brandishing Gnarlines -- the confrontation was nasty, brutish and short, with Jason failing to draw any of his Champs and conceding defeat.

The score was at this point 3:1, with all Writers save Leer having suffered a defeat.

Some confusion then ensued about which Writers were actually still in the game -- the Wombats' overwhelming combat prowess was apparently not matched by their reading comprehension skills, and the "extra life" clause the Writers enjoyed (due to them being four, against the five Wombats) was proving hard for the wobbly wisdom to parse.

Said confusion was deftly handled by MonteXristo who, being himself quite fluent in Wombatish, jumped to the wisdom's channel and cleared the issue.

With everything clear, Jason chose this time Bandle Tree as his weapon of choice, and faced Milk with Udyr Lux -- after the fog of war cleared, the Captain stood victorious over the CEO, bringing the score to 3:2.

(Attentive readers may notice that the Captain's build included Gnar, a champ that the Writers had already played in Monte's Gnarlines -- this inclusion, which would have been permitted the previous Sunday under the rules used by Pros versus Writers, should have been off-limits in this case. A regrettable confusion that went overlooked by both sides during the confrontation.)

Next, Leer with Ahri Lulu faced Eniamor's Curious Fizz Gnar -- after a tight, long fight (which, according to witnesses' reports, included the Eye staring at Leer straight in the face and lying), Eniamor proved victorious and put the score to 4:2.

With only the MaRu Captain stemming total defeat…

… Jason and Trivo ducked it out until the result was irreversible.

5:2 for the Wisdom.

They wiggled.

They wobbled.

Clearly and undisputably, the Wombats won.

Well played, you jiggly lot. Well played!

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