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Ep 112: The Siren Has Stopped Singing!!! - Mastering Runeterra Podcast

The Open has closed and thank goodness for that! We go over Open strategies, the new meta, and prepping for the World Championship Qualifier in 16* days!

THAT meta is over, let us never speak of it again... after this

The Open has closed and the boys are pretty happy with it in the rear view mirror! Today we go over our respective Open experiences and strategies, what we expect from the recent balance patch, and how we plan to prep for the World Championship Qualifier in 16* days!


0:00 Intro

0:43 Opening Announcements - Daily tournaments, $1 month for premium!

1:49 Open Run Recaps - Jason felt good even though he lost

4:30 Jason's Takeaways - Stiffer competition in the Morning

6:51 "Give your opponent the opportunity to make mistakes" - Majiinbae

9:28 Majiin's Open speedrun

18:13 Patch happened; what we expect to shake out

22:50 Refusing to lose to deck X

29:30 Kai'sa deserved to get hit

36:50 Forging onwards & finding good data/practice

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