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7 Cards Sorry Wants Nerfed in Patch 5.1

Sorry talks about the cards he wants nerfed in Patch 5.1 to balance the Standard meta.

The upcoming Patch 5.1 is right around the corner, and after around 2 months of playing the same meta, everyone is eager for a fresh new experience.

I want to emphasize that it's not definite that we'll get a balance update in Patch 5.1, and that will heavily depend on Riot Games' Legends of Runeterra plan announcement on February 2nd.

However, we can only hope for the best, and a balance patch should change things up and give room for new archetypes to perform.

Here are 7 cards that I'd like to see nerfed in Patch 5.1.

1- Mordekaiser


MordekaiserMordekaiser's revive ability is a headache, especially when it triggers summon effects like Mageseeker InquisitorMageseeker Inquisitor and The RekindlerThe Rekindler.

One idea is to take away his onboard revive until he's leveled up. Keep the play revive ability so MordekaiserMordekaiser gets to put pressure once he joins the board. If that's a harsh nerf, maybe lower his level-up condition down to 13/14.

2- Mageseeker Inquisitor

Mageseeker Inquisitor

I can't stress how much a Mageseeker Inquisitor with a Deathless keyword ruins my LoR experience. The SuppressionSuppression stack is tough to deal with.

Switching Mageseeker InquisitorMageseeker Inquisitor's summon effect to a play effect would stop the SuppressionSuppression reactivation each time he's revived. That way, Deathless and MordekaiserMordekaiser's revive won't lead to more SuppressionSuppressions.

3- Elder Dragon

Elder Dragon

The Dragon Boons are the main culprit here. Many decks are now including one copy of Elder DragonElder Dragon just for the Dragon Boon effect.

It's a bit tricky to balance the Dragon Boons, and I'm not exactly sure how to do so. The Deathless Boon seems to be the most troublesome, so maybe changing it to something else could help balance out the overall power of Dragon Boons.

Another nerf I'm not too fond of is limiting the Dragon Boons to Dragon units only. This could end up being a harsh nerf and will likely need to change the 6+ cost units condition. Also, this will limit Elder DragonElder Dragon to one archetype, which will limit player creativity with the Dragon Boons.

4- Shield of Durand

Shield of Durand

Shield of DurandShield of Durand is a combat trick that synergizes with the Formidable archetype, giving Formidable units a boost to take over the board presence.

One of the problems of Shield of DurandShield of Durand is that its first effect +0|+3 is "Grant" rather than "Give". This has allowed players to use it offensively in the early stages of the game to strike the Nexus for more damage without much repercussions. Changing the initial +0|+3 to "Give" shouldn't affect the card much outside of shutting down the early aggressive play.

5- Skip, "King of the Reef"

Skip, "King of the Reef"

Skip, "King of the Reef"Skip, "King of the Reef" has become a staple in elusive decks like TeemoTeemo YuumiYuumi and FizzFizz YuumiYuumi. Although it doesn't dish out much damage, its ability to Capture cards can leave opponents with no answers to deal with the Elusives or force resources on Skip.

One nerf could be adding a Capture timer, like making Skip hold onto a card for 3 or 4 turns before releasing it.

6- Sunken Temple

Sunken Temple

Sunken TempleSunken Temple has managed to dodge any nerfs, despite its popularity and late-game impact if not answered. Many archetypes have been taking advantage of its card draw and Updraft effect, forcing most decks to include a landmark removal tool.

I liked Talpinator's nerf suggestion of adding a countdown 4 to the landmark. This should tone down its late-game impact, since the longer the landmark remains on the board the less mana you'll have to spend on cards.

7- Enraged Firespitter

Enraged Firespitter

Enraged FirespitterEnraged Firespitter is one of the strongest Noxus units since its release. The play effect + 8 power unit makes it a threat when combined with the Overwhelm keyword.

Lowering its health to 3 will make it easier to kill and shut down the Overwhelm combo. I can see another Nerf to its Power, making it a 7|3 unit while keeping the play effect as it is.

Closing Words

The Standard meta has been a bit stale with MorganaMorgana GalioGalio Elder DragonElder Dragon ruling over. These suggested nerfs, coupled with buffs for the less-played cards, aim to shake things up and breathe new life into the Standard meta.