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109: Post Open Run Talk - Mastering Runeterra Podcast ft; TheCupIsMine

The Lads & TheCupismine go over his second place run, how to prepare for the coming open, and how to improve your approach to improving

The will to keep winning

With the first eternal open finished, we have a lot of data to look over. In order to help understand the process of a top competitor, we have 2nd place finisher TheCupIsMine on to discuss what went down at the open, how they approach competing seriously, and talk about the meta decks we saw and should expect this weekend!


0:00 Intro

0:43 The story of TheCupIsMine

5:28 Playing Competitively vs For Fun

8:34 Preparing for The Run

18:39 A change of plans and perspective on Samira Seraphine

25:12 Other Big Players in the Meta

30:49 What leads to such a WIDE meta

37:01 The positioning of Jax Ornn & the absence of Demacia

39:18 Stat overload vs a lack of information (LoR vs Magic) in games

51:09 Why people to hate Eternal

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