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Worldwalker Seasonals News; Coverage Stream and Casters

The official coverage stream for Worldwalker Seasonals will be casted by Aikado and Majiinbae this Sunday!

The coming Worldwalker Seasonal tournament is gearing up to be an incredible event; not only will we have a full seasonals coverage broadcast, but at the desk we have absolute paragons of the community in the form of two members of the Mastering Runeterra Pro team; MajiinBae and Aikado!

Aikado is an amazing player who has exploded onto the scene since his incredible performance in worlds, being a Legends of Runeterra player who came in without experience from prior card games, his unique perspective and analytical mind for strategy are potent in placing him firmly as a consistent top of the ladder player, and with his bubbly personality and hilarious flair for streaming, he is always in the top row of Legends of Runeterra on his Twitch channel , in addition to being an absolute star when it comes to casting events. In addition to this he has broken into the youtube content space as well, posting popular longer form videos of gameplay, discussing LoR topics in depth, and even entertaining collaborations with other LoR players on his channel.

Majiinbae has a hobby of taking names in every card game he touches. His approach tends towards the more cautious and studious than most, resulting in someone who quickly becomes well versed in any game, deck, or topic he puts his mind to at a VERY high level! Majiinbae boasts an incredible TCG resume, having pro tour performances in both Magic the Gathering and Flesh and Blood, in addition to one of the top Worlds finishes for an Americas player, one Seasonal tournament Championship and at least SIX top cut finishes in Legends of Runeterra. You can also find his massively popular stream on his twitch channel where he frequently looks for fun and interesting decks while talking with chat. He also has his youtube channel with frequent uploads of gameplay content varying from his tournament runs, to fun decks he tries out, to series such as Deck Doctor where he takes viewer suggestions for decks, and tries to tweak them to make them competitively viable! Over time he has cemented himself as a pillar of the LoR community in addition to being one of the all-stars of the Mastering Runeterra pro team.

They will be passing on playing this Seasonal Tournament to give us an exciting coverage stream that is sure to be a wonderful experience!

You can catch the action on the twitch channel on Sunday July 17th

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