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Vile Feast Rotation, Variety Sets and More

Legends of Runeterra Developers Share Exciting Plans for Variety Sets and Card Rotation

An interview with Legends of Runeterra developers Gregg Travitz and Jon Moormann (RiotIAmWalrus) was recently published by The Runeterra Report. They discussed the future of Legends of Runeterra and the newly introduced Variety Sets. One of the interview's surprising revelations was about Vile Feast Rotation, which surprised many players. In this article, we've compiled the most interesting and insightful parts of the interview, so you can catch up on all the details. Check out the full interview on The Runeterra Report's YouTube Channel.

Variety Sets: Goals and Features

During the interview, Gregg discussed the Variety Sets' goals of keeping each product distinct and unique. Live balance will focus on balancing the game, while Variety Sets aim to revive old archetypes and add excitement to less popular Champions. Sets will introduce new Champions, followers, and archetypes to expand deck-building abilities and provide fresh gameplay experiences.

In addition, Jon and Gregg shared that releasing new cards separately allows players to experiment and create exciting decks, preventing new cards from getting lost. This approach allows players to see more ways that a new card can work.

"We want to keep everything feeling fresh in our game. A lot of the time, we'd release variety cards alongside new Champions, and they'd get lost in the shuffle for a while. Eventually, someone would go back and experiment with them, but if they weren't meta-breaking or amazing, they might just get lost. By releasing them in their own release, we get more experimentation, and we get to see a lot more ways that a card can work. This often makes more exciting decks because people just experiment with it more."


Rotation Plans and Vile Feast Rotation

During the interview, the topic of Rotation was brought up and the developers emphasized that it goes beyond just Champions, and that it should include followers and spells. The developers mentioned that Riot should have more notes on which specific cards are rotated coming out in upcoming articles.

However, one card that caught everyone off guard was Vile Feast's rotation. Jon commented on this, stating that it would lead to Shadow Isles decks using different regions feeling more distinct. He also teased that one of the cards in the Variety Set might be the "death bell" for another card, possibly Avarosan Sentry (?). While the developers expressed their interest in dropping a Champion in a Variety Set, their current plan is to keep Sets focused on Champions, Variety Sets focused on variety cards, and Live Balance focused on balancing the game.

Focus on Standard and Eternal

Additionally, the developers mentioned that they plan to focus all of their new releases going into Standard and Eternal at the same time. There will be no Eternal unique new cards at this point. However, they are looking at Eternal specific balance changes, including card reworks or reverts of old buffs and nerfs.

Ending notes

Finally, It's important to remember that all of the plans and ideas discussed in the interview are subject to change. As always, it will be exciting to see how Legends of Runeterra continues to evolve and grow in the coming months and years!

Source: The Runeterra Report