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Top Four Eternal Cards From Each Region

Need a refresher for some of the best Eternal cards from each Region? You'll be seeing a lot of these cards over the next month so we decided to group them all together for you!
Aloof Travelers LoR Card Art

What’s up everyone, Yangzera here and for this article we’ll not talk about decks and instead I’ll remind you of a few cards from each region that you have to be aware are coming back not only for when you’re building your Eternal ranked decks but also for when you’re actually playing the game, as some of these high impact cards will come back to the game in a big way. So without further ado, let’s get to the list!

Special Parameters For Cards

A bunch of regions simply lost too much historically powerful cards, so we have to settle on some rules before some people jump on my neck when they see I didn’t include a specific card they hated playing against or can’t wait to get their hands on again. For this list, I’m considering the cards as they are right now in Eternal, before the balance patch and variety set are announced, and when taking into consideration the decks they’re played, I’m considering the decklist without new cards and with cards in them as they are right now, buffed or nerfed. This will alleviate a lot of conflicts of which cards are better or worse as we’re not considering each card’s most powerful state (if they have ever been nerfed). Also, each section for each region will have the four cards ordered from strongest to weakest, in my opinion, just so we can have some discussion going on in social media if you want to spark it to have fun while we wait for the patch.

Bandle City

Pokey Stick Aloof Travelers Inventive Chemist Curious Shellfolk

Pokey StickPokey Stick is undoubtedly the best card in the entire region – and the entire game, in my opinion –, closely followed by Aloof TravelersAloof Travelers. The third and fourth spot were a toss up for me, as we have cards like LuluLulu and Stress DefenseStress Defense, as well as arguably PoppyPoppy. The reason I didn’t choose either of the three is because LuluLulu has only seen meta play alongside Flame Chompers!Flame Chompers! or Boom BaboonBoom Baboon, but with Poro CannonPoro Cannon costing 1 mana now, the reason you play her at all has been weakened a lot. Same goes for PoppyPoppy, since Golden AegisGolden Aegis is five mana and Relentless PursuitRelentless Pursuit no longer targets an ally, rendering PoppyPoppy TaricTaric Decks pretty much unplayable. The strongest argument here is for Stress DefenseStress Defense, and I would not feel bad for swapping it with Curious ShellfolkCurious Shellfolk, but Inventive ChemistInventive Chemist as a one mana 2/1 with an upside is premium in an environment where we’ll have Legion RearguardLegion Rearguard back into the game.


Twisted Fate Gangplank Yordle Grifter Fortune Croaker

Bilgewater didn’t lose too many powerful staples and the best three cards were really easy to pick. I had a bit of trouble picking between Fortune CroakerFortune Croaker, Jaull-fishJaull-fish and The DreadwayThe Dreadway, but ended up picking Croaker for being a generally good card to have in a deck, where Jaull-fishJaull-fish and The DreadwayThe Dreadway, while very strong cards in the decks they’re played, are super limited to a specific archetype. Fortune CroakerFortune Croaker’s flexibility makes it claim the number 4 spot in our Bilgewater list.


Lux Sharpsight Vanguard Bannerman

LuxLux and Ranger's Resolve managed to grab the top spots of our list only because every single Demacia staple that’s coming back is currently in their nerfed version. Golden AegisGolden Aegis, Back to BackBack to Back, Radiant GuardianRadiant Guardian, SharpsightSharpsight and Vanguard BannermanVanguard Bannerman are all currently nerfed versions, and any of them would make it in if their nerf had been already reverted. I firmly believe LuxLux JayceJayce as it was when the rotation kicked in will be a contender for the top spots of the meta, and that’s why she’s above Ranger’s for me. If I were to rank these cards by their most powerful state, it would probably be SharpsightSharpsight(+2/+2), Golden AegisGolden Aegis(4 mana), Back to BackBack to Back(5 mana) and Vanguard BannermanVanguard Bannerman(also buffs itself).


Feel The Rush Spirits Unleashed Trundle Troll Chant

This was probably the easiest top 4 cards. If you’re fuming at me for not including Blighted RavineBlighted Ravine, I’m only putting Troll ChantTroll Chant over it because Ravine is still in its nerfed state. Feel The RushFeel The Rush and Spirits UnleashedSpirits Unleashed are the most obvious picks while TrundleTrundle is the best third pick. The only consideration really is between Chant and Ravine, and as a Blighted RavineBlighted Ravine enjoyer, the card feels much worse when it isn’t burning the opponent’s nexus for 2.


Deep Meditation, Twin Disciplines, Homecoming, Health Potion

Ok, first let me ask the Lee SinLee Sin simps to put their pitchforks down. Ten spells quest Lee SinLee Sin is a very bad card. And I mean very bad – especially when Momentous ChoiceMomentous Choice is also nerfed to 2 mana. That being said, it’s extremely difficult to find a fourth card to the list and I settled with Health PotionHealth Potion because I’m more then sure that if any KarmaKarma or SeraphineSeraphine Ionia deck ever gets viable it’s because of doubling Health PotionHealth Potion. This card has the potential, in its current state, to carry archetypes on its own, and isn’t depending on any revert. Of course Lee SinLee Sin would make it in if he was reverted, but I would personally rate Ionian TellstonesIonian Tellstones above Lee SinLee Sin if both got reverted, even if Tellstones did not get HomecomingHomecoming back, which is why I’m choosing Health PotionHealth Potion over him this time(I also want to see people mad).

The reason I’m not adding Eye of the DragonEye of the Dragon – or even considering adding it – is that I don’t think it will even see play on refined lists, since Pit ProfessionalPit Professional plus Smooth MixologistSmooth Mixologist is oftentimes much better board presence then Eye plus whatever nonsense you’re adding to your deck solely to activate her.


Legion Rearguard, House Spider, Ravenous Flock, Arachnoid Sentry

Legion RearguardLegion Rearguard is the most toxic card in the game and I cannot wait to be salty that my opponents always triple draw it against me. I wish DravenDraven and KatarinaKatarina were higher up on the list, but their nerfed states are pretty weaker compared to the average card we have coming back to Noxus. DecimateDecimate simply isn’t a playable card at 6 mana while Powder PandemoniumPowder Pandemonium exists, and the rest of the cards that were rotated can’t get into the power level of any of the previously mentioned ones, making Noxus a pretty easy region to pick the top 4.

Piltover and Zaun

Ezreal Get Excited! Viktor Thermogenic Beam

I’m not counting Aloof TravelersAloof Travelers for this one because he already made it into the Bandle City top four, but he would definitely have a spot here. EzrealEzreal and ViktorViktor are simply good cards and will be used in the meta, their only difference is that one is healthy and the other isn’t. Only time will tell how eternal breaks these champions, but I predict they will be very good. Get Excited!Get Excited! is a good card that will be used in both control and aggressive piltover based decks and Thermogenic BeamThermogenic Beam is just an auto include one-of staple in pretty much every piltover deck that isn’t playing for an aggressive win condition. Honorable mentions for Concurrent TimelinesConcurrent Timelines, Fallen FelineFallen Feline and Ballistic BotBallistic Bot, pretty good cards that don’t make it into our list for a variety of reasons.

Shadow Isles

Vile Feast Atrocity Elise The Box

It was really hard to decide on the fourth card for the Shadow Isles list but I settled with The BoxThe Box because I think the current Standard meta would be partly dominated by it. Vile FeastVile Feast is historically the most used card in all of competitive, and that will not change – it’s simply too good of a card. AtrocityAtrocity at fast speed comes as the easy second place, followed by EliseElise, one of the best champions ever created, viable in any and all archetypes.


The Absolver Preservarium Endless Devout Sivir 

This was a pretty difficult list to make, because there are insane cards in both XerathXerath and Rite of the ArcaneRite of the Arcane. Thankfully Acolyte's Reliquary, Ruin RunnerRuin Runner and Shaped StoneShaped Stone haven’t been reverted yet, or else this would be a pretty hard list to make. The standard meta proved us that The AbsolverThe Absolver is a quintessential card for Shuriman decks to have an actual way to close out games, and its absence in the meta pushed AkshanAkshan out of viability. PreservariumPreservarium is a staple in most Shuriman decks and Endless DevoutEndless Devout enables a plethora of archetypes. SivirSivir stands above XerathXerath and Rite of the ArcaneRite of the Arcane because the first is only competitively viable in one strategy and the other really depends on Endless DevoutEndless Devout to be super playable – SivirSivir is just an all around great champion to slap in any build as a one-of or to be built around in a Shurima plus Demacia shell and that’s why she makes the top 4 spot of the list.


Aphelios Spacey Sketcher Zoe Mountain Goat

ApheliosAphelios is undisputably Targon’s best card and grabs the top spot of our targon list. ZoeZoe and Spacey SketcherSpacey Sketcher, while already being great staples of the region, were also massively buffed with The SerpentThe Serpent going back to a 2/1 challenger for 0 mana. I was torn between Goat, TaricTaric and The FlightThe Flight for the fourth slot, but ultimately ended up with Mountain GoatMountain Goat rounding out the list due to it being an extremely flexible card. 


And those were my top 4 returning cards for each region in Legends of Runeterra! I hope I could make justice for all of the great cards returning to ranked with the new Eternal season and hopefully this will spark discussion in the community as we’re getting closer and closer to the actual patch coming out. Tag me on social media if you decide on making your top 4 picks and let’s talk eternal! Thank you so much if you’re made it this far into the article and, as always, I’ll see you guys very, very soon.