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The Runeterra Show: Ep 51 - Two Teammates on Top & First Open Deck Choices

The April MR Open had two members of the pro team on top! They give their experiences, and lineup plans for the coming Runeterra Open

They aren't called Pros for nothing!

The April MR Open has come and gone with a record turnout and two members of the pro team coming out ahead. Hear what they have to say about the tournament, the recent meta developments, and how they're preparing for the upcoming Runeterra Open.


0:00 Intro?
0:44 Aikado and Majiin's tourney picks + The Meta evolution
5:11 Where to put your Samira
9:36 WhatamI's struggle with the season
10:45 Jasensational: Karma Sett isn't control, it is boring anti-control
15:35 Jack/Seraphine, nuanced pillar of a great lineup
25:04 Ashe & Deep talk
30:07 Ionia's Nightmare lineup (Gwen Quinn takes)
39:50 Ladder, Gauntlet, and Tournament thoughts
53:00 New System vs Old System

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