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Mastering Runeterra Podcast #99: Vegas Vacay Edition

Jason and Majiinbae got in the same room to record a podcast! Listen to their expectations for Legends of Runeterra Competitive 2.0 & more

In The Same Room Vegas Vacay Edition

Jason Fleurant and Majiinbae met in real life for a card tournament (Guess they really like those things). During this time, they got into the same room and recorded a podcast until Jason's phone died. Listen to their recent escapades, MaRu's plans for the real LoR season, and more!


0:00 Intro
0:43 Where are the guys and why are the guys there
1:20 The reason for Vegas: Battle Spirit Saga event
2:45 Tournament Recap
5:00 Jae & Bae's first meeting & the impromptu phone-cast
7:05 Hype for LoR Competitive 2.0 & Rotation expectations
13:39 Room for Improvement
18:40 MaRu's Tournament Schedule & Jason Fleurant Streaming LoR Soon
20:10 The proper approach to preparing for big tournaments + Wide Talking
31:20 Early Access Streams from Majiinbae & Jason
31:42 Abrupt Cut Off

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