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The MaRu Podcast #96: Off the Cuff Contests & Beta Impressions

This time around, Jae and Bae relax a little and talk about their thoughts on the Beta season, and a variety of other card game topics

Off the Cuff Contests & Beta Impressions

This week on the most serious competitive Legends of Runeterra podcast… we're being a bit less serious and also discussing things that are adjacent to Legends of Runeterra. The guys decide to give us all a peek into what that "Pre-podcast talking about random things" time looks like, enjoy a casual conversation between two high-level card players!

Here's the full episode #94 of the Mastering Runeterra Podcast for your viewing and listening pleasure:

Mastering Runeterra Podcast #94: Time Stamps

0:00 Intro
0:43 Agenda for today; Talking off the cuff
2:36 Living the dream without playing the game
3:55 Daily Rumble thoughts and experiences
10:22 Patch Thoughts
12:50 Majiin Tangent: He played Yu-Gi-Oh
16:05 Other Card games and their HUGE prize pools - My Hero Academia & Battle Hero Saga
23:25 GrandpaRoji was the first to masters with Pink Illaoi
25:40 Thoughts on the formats and content creator aspect of Daily Rumbles
29:10 Tourney thought processes
33:37 Majiin qualified for the Flesh and Blood pro tour…. again
37:50 Flipping Coins; 'strategy' card games
39:55 Jason's Bone to pick with the Beta Season

Did you enjoy this form of episode? Dislike it? Let us know in the comments or on twitter, thank you for listening!

The Mastering Runeterra Podcast