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Teemo Caitlyn Deck Guide

Discover the best Teemo Caitlyn deck in Legends of Runeterra, featuring optimal deck builds, champion synergies, and game-winning strategies to dominate the meta!

Legends of Runeterra features an ever-evolving meta with a plethora of champions and deck combinations. Among these, the dynamic duo of Teemo and Caitlyn has recently gained attention as a popular ladder deck. This guide will provide a comprehensive overview of the best Teemo Caitlyn deck, detailing optimal deck builds, champion synergies, and strategic advice to help you conquer the Legends of Runeterra meta.

Deck Overview:

The Teemo Caitlyn deck in Legends of Runeterra revolves around planting Poison Puffcaps and Flashbomb Traps in your opponent's deck. Poison Puffcaps act as your primary win condition, dealing damage to your opponent's Nexus, while Flashbomb Traps serve as a removal tool for low-health enemy units. This deck's strength lies in its ability to control the board while whittling away at your opponent's health pool.

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