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Squadcast Ep 38: Prepping for a Rumble, Two Opens, and An Aegis

With a packed tournament schedule for the foreseeable future, the Squad go over the meta and how they're prepping for the storm

Storm of Tourneys a brewin'!

After a week to steady ourselves, the tournament scene is kicking into gear! We have Ruthless Rumbles live right now, the April Mastering Runeterra Open kicking off tomorrow, the first Runeterra Open of the season next week, and the Aegis Esports' Team League the week after that! With packed schedules, the Squad go over what they have seen in the meta, their team dynamics, and plans for Lineups!


0:00 Introductions
0:47 Meta-Limbo, the not-quite busted state of Samira
4:26 The Story of Meta Evolution
5:54 Tournaments Brewing & Team Tribulations
9:46 Ladder Drama: MMR Changes
21:05 Fizz Samira subverts archetypical expectations
25:00 Climbing Stories
28:33 "…That got rotated?"
31:56 Standouts from the new set
38:01 Green Scout (aka; Gwen Quinn)
39:36 Mono-Renekton
41:26 We live in an Aatrox-Vayne Meta… again
42:42 Highest Winrate Deck? Samira Varus Riven
45:27 The Purpose of Rotation revealed
48:36 The Open Looms
50:48 Squad's Choice Lineup Choices

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