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Squadcast #35: Rumbling Through the Open Meta - The Squadcast Ft; Mr. eMOEtional & Swiffer9000

Mastering Runeterra's Squadcast #35: The Squad, eMOEtional & Swiffer9000 give their experiences with the meta, Daily Rumbles, and Open thoughts

Table of Contents

Whether you like or hate it, it's hard to deny how wide the current meta is for Legends of Runeterra. This week two Squadmates are joined by two guests; seasonal Champ Mr. eMOEtional and Seasonal Top Cutter Swiffer9000, to talk about their experiences after a week of Daily Rumbles, the debate on balanced vs imbalanced metas, and the key decks that have made a name for themselves.

Check out the full episode here

Further Listening & News

Tomorrow morning watch out for Jae and Bae with the Mastering Runeterra Podcast!


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