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Ep 16 - The Squadcast: Patch Cadence, KaiSa Nerf Speculation, & Bard Maokai Gameplay!

The Squad talk about the patch cycle, the impact of the Sharpsight fix, and APAC Spice!

The squadcast go over the patch cycle and how it compares to recent season schedules, how big of a hit the sharpsight fix was to Kai'sa, and some spice showing up in APAC and the tournament meta. Enjoy one of Mastering Runeterra's premier Legends of Runeterra Podcasts



0:00 Introductions; Cameron Hanzo is back!
1:05 Is the current Patch Cycle/Cadence sufficient?
11:10 Kai'sa the sharpsight fix has had some impact
14:25 What do we expect to happen to Kai'sa with the balance patch
27:30 The other big decks in the meta
28:35 Bard Shen
32:40 The State of Thralls
36:40 Is the meta growing more diverse?
40:25 Hanzo's ticket to first place; Katarina TF
44:15 APAC's Top 4 spice… Bard Maokai
51:30 Tournament Meta
58:40 Gwen is close, but this meta isn't her cup of tea
1:09:05 Last words; What do YOU want to see??

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