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The Squadcast - Early Meta Spice with special guest Seasonal Champ Trivo -Ep 14

The squad and special guest; Seasonal Champion Trivo discuss Seasonal results, and early impressions on new cards.

Today the Squadcast has an extra mate on in the form of recent Legends of Runeterra Seasonal tournament champion; Trivo! He speaks of his seasonal journey and weighs in with the rest of the Squad when talking about the early wisps of what may shape up to be major meta decks in the new expansion! (This was recorded on Wednesday Evening)


0:00 Introductions; Trivo is here!
1:40 The Champ's lead up to seasonals and run.
4:08 Thoughts on the condensation of seasonals to one weekend
5:55 What was the craziest moment for his run?
9:20 Differences between Open rounds and Top 32 prep?
11:50 What have the squad cracked into for the new patch so far?
15:00 Success with Kai'sa
19:35 Gwen's Power and Versatility
22:30 The Old meta vs New Champs; should some old archetypes be buffed?
25:50 Short Season; What happens with a short gap between patch and tournament?
32:10 Early Access and Early spice (From here it becomes a lot less focused, and more flow of conversation)
41:10 Yasuo is Real now?
44:30 Aggro is back on the table
51:10 Closing Thoughts

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