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THE RUNETERRA SHOW: Ep 50 - RETURN OF THE KINGS, New Competitive, Rotation, and the Meta Cycle

The Pro Team assembles! The Runeterra Show podcast returns to give a competitive look at the new systems, new meta, and more.

Table of Contents

Back In Action!

With the revival of Competitive in Legends of Runeterra comes the resurrection of a team once thought long dead. The Runeterra Show is back, the team go over all the spicy new changes that Competitive 2.0 brings, discuss what they love and are concerned about, and give their feelings on the top meta decks today!


0:00 It's great to be back
1:40 This Meta: Rotating through LoR's greatest Hits
2:20 We have a new competitive structure
4:05 Jason's Summary of the changes
9:55 Team's takes on the new world order
17:03 More active ways to play aside from Seasonals
21:40 Open Concerns
26:12 Server Talk
30:08 Lack of Official Broadcast for opens
31:49 Rotation, New format, & Communication around it
42:40 Majiinbae Predicts the meta's progression
47:50 Whatami's Top 3 Decks
49:30 A Brief lecture on Karma Sett PnZ
56:36 Jason Defends Riot Games
59:20 Closing Thoughts

Do you have feedback for the hosts? Let us know in our Discord server, in the Youtube Comments or on our Twitter, thanks for listening!

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