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Runeterra Announcements: Time to Cook!

Fresh meta full of fishes, high-stakes tournaments incoming, and Round Two of Riot's Community Kitchen!

Howdy Champs! 

The Legends of Runeterra Balance Patch 4.0.0 has arrived, including a last-minute nerf to Momentous Choice to tone down Samira Varus.

The LoR meta has been shaken up aplenty, and we've been busy making sure you have the best tools for the climbing job: there are Rumbles to win, ladders to climb, and the next Mastering Runeterra Open to get ready for this coming Saturday 6, as a scrumptious appetizer for the World Qualifier Runeterra Open taking place just a week after.

In-depth Predictions

To get the ball rolling this patch cycle, Yang shared last Wednesday his thoughts on the winners and losers of Patch 4.4.0, including the recently-nerfed Karma as one of the big winners

… which, as you can read in Herko's By the Numbers last Thursday, turned out to be exactly the case: for better or worse (depending what's your stance on the LoR Mint) some Karma Setts builds are steamrolling the opposition on the LoR ladder. Yang also penned a deck guide for Samira Varus, fresh off the press this Friday. 

The big news, though, is that fishes have indeed learned to fly. Both Yang and Jason called that one out, and Nautilus' crew dutifully fulfilled those predictions to make this the meta in which Deep is at the top.

Well, Deep and Yordles – Yordles with big friggin' guns!

Red Pups Takeover, Episode #1

It was scheduled to be the Squadcast Ep. 40, but the Red Pups took over (probably helped by their double agent and reigning AM Runeterra Open Champion, Card Gamer), to give their insights as to what makes RPG such a dominant force in competitive Runeterra.


0:00 Introductions

1:13 The Champion's Run & Red Pups' record

7:44 Wisdom of the Red Pups: What makes consistent success

11:11 Floppy's fated encounter with NicMakesPlays

14:56 Identifying your failings and how to improve on your play; Don't play Baccai on 1

22:15 Red Pups' read on Rubin's response about the Open: Better than people think

31:58 Balance Patch Wishlist

41:45 Archetypes that we expect to come up after Samira's reign

47:25 Questions from the LIVE STUDIO AUDIENCE

The Kitchen Tales

Hope you're ready for seconds!

Round Two of Riot's Community Card Kitchen is ongoing – the winners of Round One will now be thrown into the pot with Demacia and Noxus, and the community can decide the outcome:

Vote now ➡️

Wrapping Up

A fresh new meta (filled with some awfully fearsome fishes), and a Community Kitchen to allow us players to shape Runeterra's design.

And high-stake Tournaments, coming right up.

Don't dilly-dally, folks; time to cook!