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Runeterra Announcements: High-Stakes LoR Time!

Saddle up, folks – May's high-stakes LoR is about to begin!

Saturday 6th: The May $1000 Mastering Runeterra Open

Howdy Champs,

Time for LoR Competitive to get back into high gear!

The next Runeterra Open, which qualifies its winner directly to Worlds (on top of contributing Runeterra Points to those that reach Playoffs) will take place next week, on May 13th.

Remember that all LoR players can participate, and there's no entry fee – you just have to play your games in the indicated time window(*).

(*)which may or may not be the time shown in the client… but we don't talk about the clock, or the time shown in the client.

And to warm things up, we'll have our May $1000 MaRu Open this very Saturday 6th, at 9 a.m. PST!

You can read all about the $1000 MaRu Open in this article, or jump directly to matcherino's sign-up page and get ready to rumble.

Guns and Rockets

We don't want to organize just the highest-paying grassroots tournament in Runeterra – we want to organize the highest-paying grassroots tournament, with the best LoR players bringing the biggest guns to the fight!

So, in case you need some inspiration for your weapon of choice (or, well, decide which Bandle GunnersBandle Gunners flavor you'll include in your lineup), we have you covered:

If you're a tad tired of Yordles, Leer detailed in this week's LoR Meta Report which decks can do well against the furry gun-packing menace.

If you love Yordles, Yang got you covered with his Noxus Teemo Gnar Tristana deck guide, with all the details for piloting the Tristana NXNoxus version, and his Tristana Teemo Demacia deck guide, if you prefer the DEDemacia version -- and be on the lookout for the Bilgewater version, Yang's favorite, that should be out on Saturday.

If you're still undecided, Herko data-digged every LoR deck with good stats this week, also documenting the stellar rise and resurrection of… Jinx Samira, aka good ol' Discard Aggro!! This one's for you, Draven: they should have given you your health point back, not toss you into the Eternal elderly home along with bloody vampires, blade dancers, and babbling blind monks.

And, as a very special treat this week: FloppyMudkip shares his Runeterra journey from above-average player to back-to-back AM LoR Seasonal Champion, including what in his view are some of the crucial skills that LoR Competitive players should strive for.

(Although, truth be told, Floppy is also the guy that got clapped hard by the guy that had just returned from ER, so maybe he's not that tough).

Last but not least, if you are the sort of pilot that likes doing their own data-digging, we always have a whole bunch of tools to help you find the decks with the highest win rates: our Legends of Runeterra meta tier list, detailed meta stats pages, and our recommended Best LoR Decks article – all data supplied by Riot, via Riot's API, from players at Platinum and above in the LoR ranked ladder.

Wrapping Up

Saddle up, folks!

Patch week's over; May's high-stakes LoR is about to begin!


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