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Riven Viktor - A Glorious Combo

It’s a glorious day for Viktor and Riven enjoyers, Patch 3.4.0 heralds the evolution of one of the many Noxus P&Z archetypes.

Card Gamer here, bringing you a deck guide for one of the most explosive LoR decks of the new patch, RivenRiven ViktorViktor

Riven Viktor is an aggressive  combo deck with a very solid back-up burn game plan to assist with going over the top. The deck has been tried in the past with underwhelming results. However, with the Viktor buff in patch 3.4.0, the deck is now much faster and much more efficient. Due to Viktor’s Hex Core UpgradeHex Core Upgrade now costing 0 mana, the deck has a lot more mana to work  with while still advancing the Viktor win con. This mana allows for faster kills against decks that we need to race, or to develop more threats to create forks and get around key pieces of interaction (QuicksandQuicksand, VengeanceVengeance, HushHush, etc.).

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