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Like a Champ: Which Nami Deck Should You Play?

You should 100% play Nami – she's one of the strongest LoR Champs. But she currently comes in four regional flavors, so… which Nami deck should you go for?

Nami decks are all the rage right now, with each particular flavor putting players high up on the LoR ladder, and the decks themselves at the top of the Meta Tier Lists and charts. And the only real surprise is that it took this long to get to this point – NamiNami has been one of Legends of Runeterra’s strongest champions for a long time now, a usual staple among the best LoR decks both for Ranked and Tournaments & Gauntlets, and only decks like Kai’Sa have ‘sort of’ kept the Nami down.

Now we have a new problem, though – a “too much of a good thing” kinda problem. The question isn’t SHOULD you be playing Nami (that answer is yes!), it’s WHICH Nami deck you should play. Nami currently comes in four ‘flavors’, and while they have a lot of similarities, they play out rather differently. 

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