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Patch Notes Rundown - 2.19

This week’s notes brought us some very exciting news! The Arcane event launches tomorrow, 10/11/2021, at 10 am PDT! This is set to be LoR’s largest event ever and the event pass comes with a total of 35 rewards!
Riot Arcane

Patch Notes Rundown - 2.19


What’s up, everyone! Monte here again with another patch notes rundown!

This week’s notes brought us some very exciting news! The Arcane event launches tomorrow, 10/11/2021, at 10 am PDT! This is set to be LoR’s largest event ever and the event pass comes with a total of 35 rewards! The rewards include everything from emotes to guardians so be sure to finish off that pass before the event ends on December 8th! If you’re not interested in all the cosmetics, scroll down to the bottom to get a look at the bug fixes, there were some good ones!


The Path of Champions


Alongside this new event, we’re getting a brand new PvE game mode, The Path of Champions. Much like the current lab, The Saltwater Scourge, you’ll be able to choose a champion and progress along the map fighting enemies of increasing difficulty and upgrading your deck along the way! There’s a whole lot more to it than just that, if you’re interested in finding out more about this new and exciting game mode, keep your eyes peeled for my article, releasing later today, containing all the details I could scrounge!




The event pass and PvE update aren’t all we’re getting in this patch, JayceJayce has hyper-charged his hextech capacitor and is set to deliver a shock blast to the meta with his arrival to LoR. JayceJayce is a four mana champion with four attack and four hit points. 


His on-play effect lets you choose between two keywords, Challenger or Quick Attack. To level him up you’ll need to cast two 6+ cost spells, doing so will generate an Acceleration GateAcceleration Gate and give JayceJayce the ability to double cast the first 6+ cost spell you play each round!


 Acceleration GateAcceleration Gate is a 6 mana, non-collectible, slow speed spell that grants your allies +2|+0 and Quick Attack this round, if they already have Quick Attack they will get a random keyword instead! 

If you want to get an idea of how you might play the ‘Defender of Tomorrow’ check out Shadawx’s card review and theory craft article(s)!





Patch 2.19 brings us the ‘Gilded’ skin line! This is an LoR exclusive skin line with a posh theme. The art is simply stunning and our beloved champions look right at home in their new get-ups! 


ViVi is the lucky lady getting a new level-up animation alongside her alternate art. She just wants to eat her shrimp cocktail in peace but can’t seem to go a second without having to bash some skulls! 


Level 1 Art

Level 2 Art


Level Up Animation



JinxJinx, CaitlynCaitlyn, EkkoEkko, and JayceJayce have also received a bourgeois make-over and are looking quite spiffy in their new skins. Don’t believe me? See for yourself!


Gilded Jinx lvl 1

Gilded Jinx lvl 2



Gilded Cait lvl 1









 Only ViktorViktor is missing… maybe he’s skulking around the new board, Piltovan Rooftops! 

Piltovan Rooftops





I wonder what he’s doing up there…. We can’t be sure but our new guardian Detective Pup is on the case! 

Watch out, Detective! Viktor’s unleashed some of his creations to get in your way! Hextech Beast, Minion, Poro, and Drake are ready to make a mess of your investigation.



Card Backs and Icons


Set the ‘Eye of Zaun’ to watch your opponents with this new card back


If the undercity proves to be too rough for you, take to the skies instead and float ‘Above the Clouds’




Don’t feel like flying high? Maybe science and progress is more your style? Try blinging out your card back with this shiny new ‘Hextech Crystal’!



Too bougie? ‘The Defender of Tomorrow’ thinks so too, let your enemies know with his new card back!



These icons are also dropping with the patch but it’s unclear how you’ll be able to collect them. Maybe these icons are the reward for clearing The Path of Champions with their respective PnZ champ?


These icons will be unlocked as part of the event pass!






My favorite part of every patch, brand new emotes! Riot did a fantastic job with this batch, CaitlynCaitlyn, JinxJinx, and ViVi are all featured in very fitting poses. 

This new CaitlynCaitlyn emote is the perfect answer to your opponent’s more pressuring plays, or in response to their new JinxJinx emote

JinxJinx looks positively maniacal! I can’t wait to use this on my opponents after I’ve blown up their board with a Super Mega Death Rocket!Super Mega Death Rocket! I wonder what ViVi has to say about my plans…


She doesn’t seem too thrilled with Jinx blowing everything up. Hitting your opponent with this emote will let them know they need to step up their game if they want to win.






The most important part of non-balance patches! The biggest change and the one you’ll notice the most is the fix for Relentless PursuitRelentless Pursuit. The spell will no longer fizzle if the unit you’re attempting to buff is killed. 


Station ArchivistStation Archivist also received several fixes, she will now correctly create fleeting copies of the chosen card. Your Marai GreatmotherMarai Greatmother meme dreams are looking more like a reality, the interaction between the two cards was fixed so Station ArchivistStation Archivist will now create discounted copies!


HeimerdingerHeimerdinger has had his text updated, it now correctly states he levels up when you summon Tech units. There’s no actual gameplay change here (he always gained progress from Tech units) but it’s important to know that you can progress your HeimerdingerHeimerdinger by playing his support cards like Adaptatron 3000Adaptatron 3000


Impact will now correctly work with The DreadwayThe Dreadway and will properly trigger if the unit is removed from play by a Strike ability (like Single CombatSingle Combat)


VeigarVeigar also got a slight buff with the fix to Event HorizonEvent Horizon, previously the card would not correctly stun secondary targets if the unit you targeted was removed. Maybe we’ll see a bit more darkness on the ladder in the coming days.



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MonteXristo has been playing the game since closed beta and has consistently made it to masters every season he’s been active.  His accomplishments include having peaked in the top 20, taking first place in the “Streamer Sideboard Showdown” and being the 24th America’s player to Master in the ‘Guardians of the Ancient”.  When he’s not writing for Mastering Runeterra he keeps his card slinging skills sharp by playing in the “Liga Latinoamericana de Legends of Runeterra”, or LRA, with his team The Wobbly Wombats!