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Pantheon Samira Deck Guide

Unveiling the game-changing Pantheon Samira deck, Yanzera took first place in a tournament already with it! discover new strategies and tactics to maximize your gameplay and dominate the battlefield in style.
Pantheon Samira Deck Guide

What’s up guys, Yangzera is back with a guide for a deck I’ve played a lot recently which is PantheonPantheon SamiraSamira! The recent All OutAll Out nerfs didn’t affect SamiraSamira decks outside FizzFizz builds a ton and she’s still the best champion in the game, and my distaste for VarusVarus SamiraSamira made me look into alternatives and I came up with it in my winners of the patch article and kept on improving the deck to my playstyle into a version I’m super comfortable piloting and bringing a deck guide for you all!

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