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Opinion Pieces

Jason Fleurant

Is LoR Dying? Part One

MaRu Captain Jason Fleurant peeks behind the curtain to see what can be learned from the latest announcements


Kevor Goes Hard on Tie-breakers

Kevor just has to get some things off his chest. This might not be a strategy article, but who doesn’t like hot takes and drama?

Jason Fleurant

Ep 49 Catch of the Day with Fresh Lobster!

Jae and Bae are joined by special guest Fresh Lobster to talk about their pasts with cards including poker, the current state + infrastructure of competitive in LoR and other card games, and what drives people to play.


The Way of The Wombats

If you’ve ever wanted to know how a competitive LoR team works, and what they do to prepare for tournaments – this is the article for you!


What’s the Punish?

Santa ain’t lying: if you’ve been bad (player), you get punished. Luckily, here’s CastMin to help you avoid getting the coal!

LoR Ladder Anxiety

LoR Ladder Anxiety

Top 200 player Wamuu shares his tips on overcoming the anxiety that comes with the (sometimes brutal) ups and downs in the LoR Ladder,


A Case for Minimorph

Many people have been choosing Minimorph as the whipping boy for these Bandle decks but let’s not punish the card for the rest of the region’s sins.