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Patch 4.4 LoR Runeterra

Patch Notes Thoughts on Buffs

Explore the exciting buffs in Legends of Runeterra's 4.4.0 update, including Targonian Tellstones, Moondreamer, and Soul Harvest, and how they'll reshape the meta.

Runeterra Open Report
Jason Fleurant

Runeterra Open: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The first real Runeterra Open happened this past weekend and it was not without its trials and tribulations. As with any new major competition, there are aspects that can be celebrated, criticised, or debated. In this article, we will delve into the good, the bad, and the ugly of the Runeterra Open, providing a comprehensive analysis of the event's strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement.


Monte & Leer’s Worlds Meta Voyage

All sorts of decks, new and old, are popping up – Monte & Leer take Zoe Teemo, Ornn Udyr, Viktor Lee Sin, Lulu Jinx and Teemo Norra for spin, to check how they feel in this brand-new meta.


How To Never Lose in LoR

Codemanjack shares how to never truly lose in Legends of Runeterra: by learning from your losses. LP stands for Learning Points – spend them!


Monte & Leer's Meta Voyage

Monte and Leer make their first foray into the brand-new Forces From Beyond Expansion – join our heroes as they test the new champions, and do a reality check with some tried-and-true archetypes!

Jason Fleurant

Ep 49 Catch of the Day with Fresh Lobster!

Jae and Bae are joined by special guest Fresh Lobster to talk about their pasts with cards including poker, the current state + infrastructure of competitive in LoR and other card games, and what drives people to play.


The Way of The Wombats

If you've ever wanted to know how a competitive LoR team works, and what they do to prepare for tournaments - this is the article for you!


What's the Punish?

Santa ain't lying: if you've been bad (player), you get punished. Luckily, here's CastMin to help you avoid getting the coal!

LoR Ladder Anxiety

LoR Ladder Anxiety

Top 200 player Wamuu shares his tips on overcoming the anxiety that comes with the (sometimes brutal) ups and downs in the LoR Ladder,


A Case for Minimorph

Many people have been choosing Minimorph as the whipping boy for these Bandle decks but let's not punish the card for the rest of the region’s sins.

Herko Kerghans

Arcane - Act Two Review

A few years have passed since the end of Act One. Hextech gates are now fully operational in Piltover, heralding an era of progress and untold riches... and increased tension among Houses and criminal kingpings, as they wrestle each other for a slice of the Hextech pie.

Sej Art

Time Capsule: Overwhelm

Welcome back, awesome people. After unfolding the story of Demacia Targon in the last Time Capsule article, it is now time to talk about an elephant in the room that is not Armored Tuskrider but has a connection to it: Overwhelm.

Arcane Jayce

Jayce & New Cards Review

Hi all, Shadawx here to go over the newly revealed cards we are getting with the Arcane mega-event that is coming out tomorrow, November 10th. There are 10 new cards in total and they all look very interesting so let's dive right into it!


Putting “sports” into Esports

If you don’t like when your mom is telling you to eat vegetables or do some physical exercise every once in a while, then this article… is still something you should read. You are going to learn why and how practicing sports can make you a better gamer and, by default, a better Legends of Runeterra player.


Time Capsule - Demacia Targon

We owe the first glimpses of brilliance for this archetype to my fellow Romanian player, The CatAsUs, as he was the pioneer of it. It was Duels of Runeterra #17 when he first presented it to the world in a line-up focused on countering Scouts as the prevalent threat of the meta


RubinZoo Stream Recap

What’s up, gamers? Monte here, back to bring you guys another RubinZoo stream recap! This week’s recap won’t be quite as long as the previous one and I’ve attempted to put sub-header’s with timestamps for every major point. There was a lot of discussion surrounding the changes to Targon in the last patch so I’ve clustered those into their own section.


The Evolution of a LoR Player

As the season ramps up and we enter another, 1024 spots open up once again for players of every region to battle for the title of Seasonal Champion. Every season, you’ve tuned into the Legends of RuneTerra stream to watch the players deck it out, but you’ve never been on the opposite side of the screen. Have you ever wanted to? It might not be as far away as it seems.


Patch 2.18 Card Review

Its Jasensational, back at it again to review the latest patch together with all of you. With patch 2.18 introducing a whopping 25+ nerfs and buffs to cards, there’s a lot to cover.


Learning to Learn LoR

Today I will be teaching you how to improve while hanging out with people in voice chats, based on the experiences that I mentioned before and why this process is going to make you a better player.


Setting yourself up for Success

Hopefully, this will provide some useful information for your last-minute dash to the starting line. Don’t worry, I’ll chronoshift to the future and write additional articles on how to prepare a month and a week before a major tournament.


Aikado Interview

Without the aspect of LANs, pro players are not receiving nearly as much recognition as their Valorant or League of Legends counterparts, one comes to wonder; What is it like to be a pro player in LoR?