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NEW Podcast: The Squadcast debuts

The Squad is a new competitive LoR team under the Mastering Runeterra umbrella, learn more about them and see the first episode of their podcast

The Squad is a new competitive team under the Mastering Runeterra umbrella featuring some outstanding players who have seen great success from tournaments, cemented themselves as pillars of the LoR community, and are ready to make a splash with the debut episode of this new podcast; the Squadcast!

The members featured in this episode are; Luserbeam, Card Gamer, MonteXristo, Phansora, Shadawx, Cameron Hanzo, and JasonFleurant.

In addition to them, the Squad also consists of Mtuck, SamAnthony, SantaTCG, and Spaiikz.

In this episode they discuss what they expect to come of the meta with the new patch, their evaluations of the new cards, and debate how relevant and important various elements are.


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