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NEW Meta Deck Statistics tool is LIVE

Our newest data analysis tool is up and running with new patch data; The Meta Deck Statistics Tool!

From the makers of the Bo3 Ban helper, the matchup table, and the live leaderboard comes the newest way to get quickly digestible information to better your preparation for tournaments and improve your general game, introducing the Meta Deck Statistics (or Meta Stats) tool!

This tool gives you instantaneous information on how the deck of your choice does into the meta, telling you what percentage of matchups are favorable for the deck based on hard data. For instance, we can see that Annie Twisted Fate currently is favorable into 67.86% of matchups, with some of the best matchups and worst matchups shown right below that.

Clicking "See All" expands what matchups it shows, allowing you to see and easily Ctrl+F for whatever matchup you're looking for, making it a breeze to open what decks are relevant to you, then Ctrl+Fing to find how your decks do into a certain deck.

By default it is ordered by decks with the most match data, but you can easily search for the stats of a deck or decks based on any number of regions and champions.

This tool is accessible from the side bar under "Meta Stats" , or at

If you have any feedback on this tool, suggestions for how to improve it, or any thoughts please leave them with Gregory the Grey on the discord, email me at [email protected], or leave them in the "Website and Community Feedback" channel in the Discord!