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We have the first ten cards out of the forty eight that will be released in this set. Let's jump into this new Fae matters set.

A new set is here, the last Bandlewood set A Curious Journey rounds out the tenth and final Region specific set.

We have the first ten cards out of the forty eight that will be released in this set. Let's jump into this new set.


3 mana Yordle Follower

Bandle City/Shurima


Attack: Grant the top champion in your deck +1|+1 and a random keyword. 

This aggressively statted follower goes great in any deck that wants to beat face with their heavy-handed statline, and finish it off with buffed up champions, such as decks with Ziggs, or possibly Poppy. Random keyword makes it a lot less reliable, but something like Elusive on a Sivir or Spellshield on your Ziggs could be back-breaking! I'm already hyped to toss this guy in a Tristana deck and get sad when it doesn't work.


4 mana Fast Spell

Bandle City

Recall an ally. The next ally you play this round with equal or less cost costs 0 instead

Transposition could be used to exploit powerful play effects multiple times, such as Riptide Rex, Taliyah or for saving important units while being relatively mana efficient. Considering this as a Bandle City version of Deny may help paint a picture. It may have some combo potential as well, since bouncing anything that you cheat out, still gives you a discount for something massive! What’s better than using Spectral Matron on Cithria? Doing that, then playing the Cithria in the same turn. 

Heroic Refrain

3 mana Burst Spell

Bandle City

Give two allies +2|+1 this round 

I thought yordles were BAD at combat tricks. This well costed miniature back-to-back could make waves with it's low cost and high impact. Allowing their swarms of small units to suddenly have a punch is a spooky prospect, helping smaller followers live through a Withering Wail is a big boon for this card. it could slot very well into aggro decks and could see a Fated deck make use of it. It is also another potent card that is hard to play around for the Conchologist pool...

Spirit Portal

4 mana Focus Spell

Bandle City

To play, discard 1. Grant all allies +1|+1

This seems made for discard aggro such as Rumble decks, or Lulu/Fizz. Being able to toss something like a chompers, buff the team, then crack in before your opponent can do anything is a very appealing concept! The cost may be prohibitive as they usually like to keep lower numbers, it’s ability to nullify the risk of attacking into a Withering Wail is very appealing though, so it could see some play.

Yordle Portal

3 mana Burst Spell

Bandle City

To play, discard 1. Manifest a Yordle that costs 3 or less and summon it. 

Burst speed units are always somewhat spooky, especially being able to curve this out on turn 2. Some of the spookier hits include Yordle Smith, Arena Kingpin, Bandle Commando, Stone Stackers, Mentor of the Stones and Fuzzy Caretaker. The fact that this can hit both Twisted Catalyzer AND darkbulb Acolyte could mean a couple copies sneak into darkness lists, as a way to make use of niche cards. This is also hitable by Conchologist, which is concerning...

Fae Sprout

1 mana Burst Spell

Bandle City

Manifest a Fae and grant it +1|+1

IT'S HERE, FAE SUPPORT IS REAL!!! Currently the Fae pool is rather lacking, with the relevant ones being Pix, Loping Telescope, Tasty Faefolk, and Furious Faefolk (And Hungry Owlcat, which is un-generatable), so this doesn't seem too concerning. Making a 5/3 Tasty could be spooky and a huge brick wall, especially looking forward to the other fae cards such as...

Fae Aid

3 mana Burst Spell

Bandle City

Create a Hungry Owlcat in hand,. then grant Fae Allies in hand +1|+1 

Looks like the Fae studied the Kinkou arts (since they like hand buffs), The one looks good on a Tasty Faefolk, or even a Swole Squirrel. Even turning your Loping Telescopes into real unites is an appealing prospect. With any buffs, the tiny goofy 2/1 spellshield owlcats do become much more of a menace as well...

Gleaming Lantern

3 mana Fae Follower

Bandle City


Each round, the first Fae you play costs 2 less.

Well, it's not a ludicrous as Mayor, but this spirited individual will certainly help you recoup the tempo loss of say, generating more Fae in hand, or taking a turn to pump your hand. 2 mana is ENORMOUS early on especially, and allows for more interesting lines, time will tell if the Fae tag is relevant enough for this fella to become problematic...

Blastcone Seedling

2 mana Fae Follower

Bandle City/Ionia


Play: Give me Barrier this round or grant me Impact

I appreciate a good in-universe reference, seeing blastcones exist elsewhere makes me smile a bit. This is our second Fae card that likes barrier after Flower Child... It's body isnt anything ludicrous, but it's put in a position where it's just efficient enough to be put in a deck, then if it gets any sort of buffs before it comes down, it could get to be a real thorn in someone's side before too long. Immediately buffing cards like Poppy or Tristana come to mind, or...

Grandfather Fae

2 mana Fae Follower

Bandle City/Ionia


When I'm Summoned, create a Hungry Owlcat in hand. When you summon another Fae, grant it +1|+0

Well he's trying to do a Mayor impression, and while it may not be as explosive as Mr.Moustache himself, he does hit the current archetype rather effectively. So far most of the Fae cards are low power, but just on that cusp of being an issue. Owlcats can definitely get out of hand this way and be a nightmare to deal with without the right tools. Using some of the bounce cards in Ionia or Bandle City to protect Gramps here and replay to generate more value seems like it could be potent.

Looks like Fae is officially on the menu folks, we have another Burst speed Unit spell, a concerningly cheap combat trick, and more discard support, guess Rumble isn't going anywhere anytime soon. With Gnar and Yuumi spoiled, I wonder if Yuumi will count as a Fae, clearly Gnar is our Freljord/Bandle City representative, so we'll see some interesting impactful companions from him before too long as well. It’s interesting to see more random generating cards added into the Conchologist pool, one of his big strengths was how few misses Bandle City had, will this power him up or make him unplayable? One day in and already more than a few potential powerhouses, I'm excited to see what we get tomorrow!