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Mystery Event & Limited Format revealed by Head of LoR!

In Person LoR Event, Limited Format and Community made card confirmed today by Game Producer Dave Guskin on Live Stream.
Dave Guskins Interview

Absolutely huge announcements on todays Glory in Navori Brawl, if you missed the action you can always rewatch the vod here. Dave Guskin the Executive Producer for Legends of Runeterra comes onto the stream to share some new updates. Before we jump into those though I have to say that I am really impressed with the way the team at Riot worked with the Content Creators and Casters to put this event on. It was run smoothly and the videos everyone made hyping up the every were phenomenal. This is the kind of great entertainment and promotion that the game has desperately needed. Now for the exciting announcements.

The Runeterra Open Mystery Event

Winners get to visit Riot HQ for a Mystery Event

If you have been keeping an eye on the new competitive changes you may have noticed that winners of the Runeterra Opens get invited to a "Mystery Event" Which Dave has revealed will be an in person event most likely at the Riot campus with winners and invited content creators getting to spend time with the devs and makers of the game. Majiin had guessed this was what the event would be and boy did he nail it.

New Experiments including a Limited Format

Since Expeditions was removed from the Client last year we have been with out a successor to fill the gap in Limited. Dave also mentioned some experiments when it comes to Path of Champions and that both of these are expected to be trialed in September, where they will be looking for player feedback. I for one am desperate for a competitive limited format. The ability to replay a limited format over and over is one of my favorite aspects of card games. Limited is skill testing and fun and I can't wait to see what the team comes up with.

Community Card Kitchen

This is going to be an opportunity for the community to create a card in Legends of Runeterra together. It's not going to be a Champion for the first iteration and it's going to start on April 11th. Articles are going to come out on explaining the process and then there will be voting one stage at a time IE pick a region, card type, abilities until the card is complete. I seem to recall Magic did something like this a while back and it was a lot of fun. I am looking forward to rallying my fellow Ahri lovers to try and get her some support!


I was very excited for rotation and for this new Organized Play structure that we find ourselves in. But I must say that the community lead endeavors of communication and events has really blown me away. The Glory in Navori Brawl event was fantastic. The Devs have been really active on Twitter and going onto creators streams and podcasts. It seems like the team they have in place right now is doing a great job and we are just starting to see the fruits of their labor that started last year. I couldn't be more excited to be a Legends of Runeterra player and content creator.