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The Mastering Runeterra Podcast - Ep 74: Seasonal Experiences & HOT Summer Meta!

Majiin and Jason give recaps on their seasonal experience and dig into the current notable meta decks

With a special Tuesday Edition of the Mastering Runeterra Podcast (ep 74), the boys are back in town! Jason and Majiin go over their seasonal experiences, and go deep on the meta. They cover what has been happening recently, and what they've been enjoying!~ Also, big tournament announcements for MR!

0:00 Intro
0:43 Announcements and Agenda
2:20 Seasonals Recap; Jae made the cut!
10:20 Short Season
12:45 Majiin's Run; the woes of secret info
18:20 Getting the Score you Deserve: The importance of Preparation
23:45 Majiin's Party with Wisdom
26:55 Seasonals is on the same day as a Flesh and Blood Pro tour, again :smiling_face_with_tear:
29:30 The Meta: New Hits
29:35 Azir Irelia with Domination is dominating
30:05 Kai'sa is very powerful, and Spell Shield may be the issue
38:10 Shen Kaisa is a lot of fun
39:05 Illaoi is back, with lux and Bard
39:20 Bard Vi is good… except against Kai'sa
41:00 Heimerdinger Jayce just keeps getting better results
41:30 Decks that were good pre-patch are still really good
42:51 Yasuo Katarina… Not as good as people thought
43:50 Ahri Bard isn't good into aggro, Ahri Gwen though…
44:35 Evelynn
46:20 Zilean Xerath

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