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Meta Tier list is up and running!

A new tool is now available on; a fully functional and sortable Meta Tier List!

You read that right, the next tool has been completed and added to our Mastering Runeterra repertoire ; a Meta Tier list!

This tool allows you to get a quick look at what have decks have been doing the numbers as of late. It allows you to sort decks by playrate, winrate, both (ascending and decending), and narrow the pool of data down to the last few days, last week, or everything from the current patch!

When you expand a deck of your choice it will give you three of the best variations based on winrate as of late so you can get a better picture of what tech choices to consider for your list. Each option will have a button to either copy the deck code, or copy the link so you can save it for later or send it to a friend.

The Meta Tierlist is accessible through the button on the side bar, check it out today.

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