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The MaRu Podcast #94: Is 2023 LoR's Make-or-Break Year?

Jae & Bae chat about how crucial 2023 will be for Legends of Runeterra, and Bae's current favorite decks for climbing the LoR ladder.
The Mastering Runeterra Podcast

Is 2023 LoR's Make-or-Break Year?

Jae and Bae go over their views of how 2023 is looking for Legends of Runeterra, sometimes tip-toeing around the tidbits that Rubin told them during the MaRu Podcast #93, but which Riot hasn't allowed us to publish yet

Here's the full episode #94 of the Mastering Runeterra Podcast for your viewing and listening pleasure:

Mastering Runeterra Podcast #94: Time Stamps

0:00 Intro,

0:43 Explanation for last week: why we had to trim a lot of our previous podcast with Rubin (which will be released in full on the 31st), and the next Seasonal being actually the last Legends of Runeterra Seasonal (but that's because they are being replaced by something much better!),

4:45 Is 2023 'Make or Break'? The game will continue, for sure… but with so many content creators gone during 2022, how will the LoR content creation space look in a year?

17:00 Majiinbae's LoR ladder learning quest for 7-2 seeding for Seasonals: how he was stuck for several days between 0 and 100 LP, until finding Kayn Aatrox (which has again become the LoR ladder overlord, according to the meta stats) and the new Red Gwen, which took him over 600 LP – also why he thinks Ganplank Sejuani is a very strong deck right now, 

21:40 Bae's predictions for what decks will break out at the Mastering Runeterra Open: Taliyah Ziggs (about which Prodigy wrote about yesterday), Lulu Jinx, and Kayn Aatrox – and since the MaRu Open took place yesterday, feel free to check how accurate Majiin was! =)

24:45 The Uno Story.

Hope you've enjoyed this shorter episode of the Mastering Runeterra Podcast – next week Jae and Bae will focus on Seasonals!

The Mastering Runeterra Podcast

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