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Magic Misadventures Day 4

A brand new ability comes to Legends of Runeterra. Magical Misadventures introduces Fated!

Welcome back to Day 4 of the Magical Misadventure set release! Things are heating up as we now have a new keyword in Fated. If a unit has Fated it gets +1/+1 the first time that you target it. This might not seem very powerful on the surface but it can actually be extremely useful and in the right deck might end up being meta defining. 


There is a similar mechanic in Magic the Gathering called Heroic and it was one of my all time favorites. It was typically very low to the ground with a lot of protection spells. We have a lot of cards in LoR that make cards either have elusive or overwhelm allowing for one large unit to crash through for lethal.


Saga Seeker  

If there is going to be a low to the ground Fated deck Saga Seeker is exactly the kind of card that it will want. I love these decks and it will be at the top of my list to try at the beginning of the season



I had to read this card twice to make sure it wasn’t grant. Giving overwhelm and spellshield for one turn is not super exciting unless it’s a leveled up Lee Sin and I doubt you’d want to play this card in your Lee Sin deck, so I think this one is a bit underwhelming.


Blinded Mystic

Now this is an interesting card. Silence is very strong ability combined with a buff for one of your units makes me like this card. It’s probably not going to see a ton of play as it’s really only good if your opponent has units worth silencing. But in the right meta this could be a powerhouse. 


Wounded Whiteflame

Another Fated card that will most likely only see play in Fated specific decks. The thing I don’t love about this card is that there are already much larger three drops to be had. So you have to target it once just to get it up to comparable stats. Again though we haven’t seen all of the Fated support cards and this might be a necessity simply to have enough Fated units in your deck.


We Stand Together

Finally a Fated payoff card. This is exactly the kind of card you want in your Fated deck as it activates two of your Fated units for the price of one card. Once again though this card is a little underwhelming on its own and it will come down to what other cards are available for the Fated decks to decide if they want a three mana pump spell. 

I’m loving these new cards and can’t wait to see the rest of them! Be sure to check back over the weekend as we will be breaking down the last two champions to be released and the rest of the cards!


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