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Magic Misadventures Day 2

Spoiler Season continues with these yordle recall matters cards. These recall cards will most likely combine with Ahri in some way.

Welcome back to the second day of new card releases! Things are starting to get exciting as we build up to our three new champions expected to be released in Magical Misadventures. Let's jump in!

Gust Monk



We've seen two mana units that produce some sort of card advantage be used to great use in a lot of decks. Even when the card generated isn't useful it can still be used to discard to other cards to have some benefit. Cloud Stance however does have a significant amount of use cases. It's a one mana burst pump spell which is already pretty good. The recall at end of round could be a downside in some circumstance when you want your unit to stay on the board so ideally you will want to use this on a card that generates more value for you like Dancing DropletDancing Droplet or ConchologistConchologist

Tornado Warrior

Tornado Warrior is really a three power unit to start off. Which makes it a lot better than it looks at first glance. It also gets a random keyword which is nice and will sometimes be game changing but often won't make a big difference on such a small unit. You would need a way to recall it and play it multiple times to pump it's power way up and hopefully get a keyword like Elusive or Overwhelm to push through damage. 


Quicken is one of the card's I'm most excited to about. The flexibility of being able to recall one of your own units to save it from a removal spell or during combat and reuse it's comes into play ability OR use it to recall an opposing unit extremely powerful. This can stop level ups from Zoe which is notoriously difficult to kill or even more expensive units like Thresh. For the bargain basement price of two mana look for this card to see a lot of play early and be ready for it from your Bandle City opponents.

Thunder Fist

Thunder Fist is a little harder to judge. It's first phase is somewhat unimpressive, but Masa, Crashing Thunder is a very large body for three mana. The problem is that by the time you have summoned a second Thunder Fist it's turn four or later and by then you've used two turns and two cards to make a unit that isn't much larger than a lot of the top four or five drops. That said Impact is a very relevant ability that we have only begun to see take center stage. Two of the previous units with Impact required nerfs so there may yet be hope for this card.

Check back all week as we will be breaking down all of the cards in Magical Misadventures as we head towards a new season and a new meta next week.