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Magic Misadventures Day 1!

Christmas has come early to Legends of Runeterra! Today is the first day of spoilers that will run all week long.

Christmas has come early to Legends of Runeterra! Today is the first day of spoilers that will run all week long with the new cards being playable on Wednesday, December 8th. Normally these spoiler weeks start off with some common cards but don’t be fooled by their rarity. Many seemingly inauspicious cards have gone on to define formats and have even warranted nerfs. 


If you are like me and don’t play League of Legends a lot you may have missed the fact this is one of the units that spawns constantly in the game. This makes a lot of sense when you think of this card from a flavor standpoint. It’s a small unit that just keeps on coming. 


I think this card is actually quite good. Shadow Isles has a lot of cards that allow you to sacrifice a unit for a payoff like Spirit Leech Spirit Leech and Glimpse BeyondGlimpse Beyond. Not to mention that it can block for essentially forever which is another attribute that would be very valuable to a control deck. 


Grumble Slug

Another card that could be a very important role player. While the stats of a two mana for a two health and three toughness unit are not typically very powerful, attune is an ability that we’ve seen be very useful. This could possibly slot into a NamiNami Deck allowing for it to have some early game board presence without slowing down Nami’s level up by too much.


Not to mention the naming on it is fantastic. Who wouldn’t want a tiny adorable angry little slug as a pet?

Yordle Captain

While the stats on Yordle Captain are solid, it’s ability to pump up the rest of your units is the real strength of this card. You would almost certainly want to play the Captain in a deck that can abuse this ability by cheating out a lot of units after playing him. We’ve seen cards like Wiggly BurblefishWiggly Burblefish and Haunted RelicHaunted Relic be used to good effect in similar decks. 

Be sure to check back in daily as we will be bringing you all the latest news and cards from the Magic Misadventures! 


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