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LoR Weekly Watch  February 15 - February 21

Welcome to the Legends of Runeterra Weekly Watch for the week of February 15 - February 21 Breaking down all the latest news and happenings from around the LoR world.

Hey everyone, Shadawx here with the Weekly Watch. This week we got spoiler season for A Curious Journey the next set expansion, our finalists of Runeterra Academy, the winners of the seasonal championship and more coming up.

Community & Dev Watch

IT’S SPOILER SEASON! The next expansion A Curious Journey, is the final expansion for the Bandle City set and will be coming out on February 16th. We’ve already got some exciting cards revealed like new champs Yuumi, Udyr and Galio, as well as new keywords Attach and Formidible. We’ll be getting patch notes and the last of the reveals on the 15th so be on the lookout for those.

Riot has shown the icons you get at the end of season rewards for the ranked tier you’ve reached. Personally, I think I like the Bronze or Diamond one the most, which one is your favorite?

The 2022 Ezrys happened and we’ve seen the winners of the nominees you have been voting for. If you haven’t had a chance to see them, check out Jasensational’s twitter or catch the vod on his twitch channel!

Ladder Watch

Here’s a final picture of the front page of ladder before the season resets on the 16th with the new patch. Looks like not much has changed. I wonder if there will even be a front page to show by next Monday.

Tournament Watch

Runeterra Academy had their top 4 playoffs and now we are left with the final 2 team. Beautiful Gamers vs Stromboli Gaming. Both teams came from group 2, and have made it to the finals facing some tough teams along the way. We also have Team Ambition Hydra Vs The Lee Simps to find out who takes 3rd and 4th place prize.

The Magic Misadventues seasonal top cut happened and we have our new seasonal champs for each region. Yamato won the APAC seasonal with a lineup of Nightfall, Scouts, and Ahri Kennen Go Hard, SaltySimon won EMEA Seasonal with Noxus Bandle Tree, Sivir Akshan Darius Overwhelm, and Ahri Kennen Go hard, and NNT Elder Senior won Americas Seasonal with Noxus Bandle Tree, Darkness, and Ahri Kennen Absolver. Congratulations to our new seasonal champs!

Upcoming Tournaments

So for those of you who don’t know, Santupea covers most of the upcoming tournaments and results on twitter and his website. I get a lot of information from him so if you want a good full list of upcoming tournaments follow him on Twitter!

So we have our usual weekly tournaments: Giant Slayer’s Fight Night Invite only – Americas Monday, Brazil Thursday, and EMEA Friday. Mystic Shot Podcast on Tuesday at 8:30pm EST for Americas. Wednesday Night Runeterra from Mastering Runeterra on Wednesday at 8pm EST. And RuneterraLife’s Runeterra Rumble on Thursday at 6pm EST.

This week we also have RuneterraLife’s Showdown #4 sponsored by GGtor and Metafy. It’s on February 19th and 20th at Noon EST, it’s Free to enter, on the Americas server, with a $1000 prize pool.


So here’s a message I got from a lovely fan. I hope I get more amazing messages like this from other watchers 😊
Feel free to send in any messages you want shown out there or fan art to show off!

That’ll wrap it up for this week’s LoR Weekly Watch. This coming week is the big one with the new patch and expansion and roadmap so we’ll probably have a lot to talk about next Weekly Watch.

Thanks for watching.


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