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LoR Weekly Watch March 28 – April 3, 2022

An explosive patch landed, a new pro team launched, and we're getting actual dev communication!? All this and more on Shadawx's Weekly Watch!

Hey everyone, Shadawx here with the Weekly Watch. This week we have news from Riot RubinZoo, a new Mastering Runeterra Pro team, and more coming up!

Community & Dev Watch

RubinZoo has learned that by crossing his arms in pictures, you get promoted at Riot. While we don’t know his new title yet, and with Andrew Yipp moving onto bigger better things, we might be seeing a shift of position in some of the Rioters. Big congrats to him! On top of all this, Rubin has let us know that they will be fundamentally changing The Bandle Tree, as well as looking into potential changes for Yordle In Arms and Gleaming Lantern for patch 3.6. Speaking of patch 3.6, Rubin has introduced us to the Rioters working on the patch: @plinq_uncharted & @bkopleck for game design / @RiotVriss & @RuneclawBarich for QA and analysis / @Riot3Gregg & Joy Kuang for production. It’s great to have some more transparency on the Riot side of things, so we get to know some more of the team instead of the same familiar faces.

The Mastering Runterra family has grown, and have introduced a whole new pro team! This new team is known as the ‘Squad’ for now, but that name may change (I wanted the name to be “Better than the pro team squad”. Composed of a great mix of top level players and content creators, we have MonteXristo, LuserBeam, CameronHanzo, Phansora, CardGamer, and myself, Shadawx! We also have the Squadcast, which is a weekly podcast featuring the new team, where we talk about the game, try to cover topics that weren’t covered on the Runeterra Show, or delve deeper into topics brought up on there.

Sqweeby has created a 5k channel point redeem for an LoR Freestyle Rap and it’s honestly pretty good for something made on the spot. Take a listen if you haven’t already and send the future LoR rap star some love.

BestLoRMoments has finished up their #WomenInLoR features, with a final message from Amwe thanking the community for being so welcoming and great to her and all other women in the community. So big thanks to BestLoRMoments for this and thanks to all the women in the community who participated!

Ladder Watch

So here’s our look at this week on the America’s front page of ladder. With Rank 1 being at 739 LP and this season being extra long ending in May, I think we can say that by the end, the front page will probably end up being over 1000 LP. For the decks we can see here we have 125 Fizz Lulu YiA x3, 3 Draven Rumble, 4 Akshan Viktor,  67 Yuumi Pantheon x2, and 8 Zoe Asol Targons Peak.

Tournament Watch

This week on Fight Night we had DuduDeNunu win BR with their lineup of Ziggs/Taliyah, Riven/Viktor, and Fizz Lulu YiA. In EMEA we had CastMin as the winner with Yuumi/Pantheon/Taric, Scouts, and Akshan Sivir.

Giant Slayer Lists:

Cephalopod has been offering free coaching the past few weeks, and held a tournament for his students. TakiKu was the champion among the rest of the students with their lineup of Sivir Akshan, Draven Rumble Sion, and Aphelios Lux.

Upcoming Tournaments

We have the usual weekly tournaments: Giant Slayer’s: Fight Night, Americas on Monday, Brazil on Thursday, and EMEA on Friday and Mystic Shot Podcast weekly for Americas on Tuesday.

This week the Runeterra Academy Team League is starting up again! And this time there’s an Americas League and EMEA league! While the signups are full now, you can still follow along with all the action at their twitch channel every Thursday!

AM Rosters and Groups:

EMEA Rosters and Groups:

Mastering Runeterra is partnering up with GGToor to bring a $500 prize pool tournament this Saturday, April 9th! It’ll be for the Americas shard with a Swiss format with prizing for the top 8 players.

We also have Home of the Aces APAC Brawl! It’s a 4 part tournament series with qualifiers on April 9th, 23rd, and 24th, with the championship on the 30th! Each qualifier will have a prize of $30 for 1st and $20 for 2nd, and the championship will have a prize pool of $300 for top 8!


So with patch 3.4 being out for a few days now, I’ve seen that while there are new decks rising up like Mono Shurima and Aphelios piles, some of the older decks are still strong like YiA and Pantheon. As the days go by I’m sure decks will be fleshed out more and with the Mastering Runeterra tournament this weekend we’ll be seeing some real interesting lineups since it’s the first big weekend tournament. Hope you enjoyed the content.

Thanks for watching

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