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How to Set Up Forks in LoR

In Chess, a fork is when a single piece simultaneously attacks two or more pieces. Card Gamer explores forks in LoR, and how to set up multiple concurrent threats.

Strategy games all tend to boil down to the same basic goal: create the greatest chance you have to win or, conversely, create the lowest odds for the opponent to win. In pursuit of achieving this objective, a lot of different strategy games will require similar or identical concepts to be implemented in order to play optimally. I believe that studying and strengthening our understanding of these concepts can be instrumental to becoming a stronger player. 

A concept like bluffing, from Poker, won’t need to be studied too much in-depth to understand the parallels it has with Legends of Runeterra, as well as how to implement it in LoR. Not every concept will translate quite as neatly as bluffing, of course, but even when that's the case, there is still often much to be learned from trying to apply a different strategic lens to our favorite card game. This is especially true when you start to explore the concept of "forking" from Chess in relation to LoR.

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