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Flipping Hands Face Up – A LoR Hand-reading Guide

We can't change fate… but the best players can see it. How? Hand-tracking and hand-reading, as Yangzera shares in this article.

Hello gamers! My name is Yangzera and it is great to again be tackling strategy pieces for Mastering Runeterra again – they’re my favorites! This time I will be covering Hand Reading, and we’ll jump straight into the topic because this will be a long, and hopefully fruitful talk.

So… what exactly IS hand reading?

Personally, I would define hand reading as the ability to have an idea of how your opponent’s hand looks like at a given point in the game; in other words, making educated guesses about what card(s) our opponent holds in hand (rather than going, "If they have it, they have it!" so to speak). There are different layers of hand reading that will get us to a more specific answer, or into a broader scope of ideas, depending on the circumstance we’re talking about.

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