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Squadcast #31: Sunset Seasonal Strategies

The Squad shares their strategies for this sunset seasonal, and what they expect during the Open Rounds.

Squadcast #31: Sunset Seasonal Strategies

With Seasonals launching in just mere hours, Monte, Phansora, Card Gamer, Prodigy, and SantaTCG try to make sense of this unusually open meta and discuss what to expect on Seasonal Open Rounds tomorrow.

You can check the full Squadcast #31 Podcast here:

Further Reading & Resources

For specific lineup advice, Sirturmund has just published his Recommended Seasonal Decks & Lineups article, and MajiinBae has released a YouTube vid with his suggestion for a three-good-decks lineup: Aatrox Kayn, all-in Katarina Gwen, and either Lulu Jinx or Plunder.

If you prefer doing your own number crunching, here are our data tools to help you find the best decks: our meta tier list and detailed meta stats pages, our matchup table, our ban helper, and our best LoR decks selection  – all data acquired via Riot's API, from players at Platinum and above in the LoR ranked ladder.

Hope you have enjoyed Squadcast #31, and good luck in the Open Rounds!