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Like a Champ: Ryze Decks for Dummies

The most popular LoR deck right now has a below-50% WR – yet top players think it's bustedly good. Here are MajiinBae's tips and tricks to pilot Ryze right!

RyzeRyze is causing a bit of a stir in Legends of Runeterra. As of right now, it is the most played LoR deck according to our meta tier list… but with its win rate below 50%. And yet, even with this horrid win rate, quite a few of the top players believe that RyzeRyze's deck is way too good in its current iteration. So let’s talk about what is holding back the average player from achieving that sweet World Rune victory animation.

Let's start with the best Ryze deck, pairing the Rune Mage with IOIonia

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