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Runeterra Meta Report, Episode Eight: Disc Doesn't Do

DarwinTheory runs through the numbers and determines that Sun Disc is, in fact, still dry of LP gains.... or is it?

Runeterra Meta Report, Episode Eight

Howdy folks!

For those of you that prefer your LoR stats and Legends of Runeterra meta reports in audiovisual format, the Runeterra Report #8, hosted & created by DarwinTheory, is now live on the Mastering Runeterra YouTube channel:

DarwinTheory goes over how Jinx Lulu reigns supreme, then covers Bash Bros (aka Feel The RushFeel The Rush, aka Trundle Tryndamere), Yordle Control (aka Norra Veigar), and the defining underdog of the meta: Trinathan's Katarina Leona deck, aka Sunburn.

Also showcased: Plunder's push, Ekko Jinx surge, Taliyah Ziggs is making a selective splash, the unexpected return of Cold Cuts (aka Gwen Sejuani), two Noxus Bilge classics (Swain TF and Pirates), and THE Radioactive Hazard Pile, usually known.

By the way, a big update not covered in the video: Aatrox Kayn is surging in the LoR ladder, both in play rate and win rate, dominating many of the best LoR decks. While Aatrox Demacia is still underwhelming, Aatrox Kayn is performing very well and is a great choice for the World Ender fans.

LoR Stats & Reports Galore

If you are the sort of pilot that likes digging into the data to find your optimal choice or tweak your build, remember that we have a whole bunch of data tools to help you find the highest winrate decks: our meta tier list and detailed meta stats pages, our matchup table, and our ban helper โ€“ all data supplied by Riot, via Riot's API, from players at Platinum and above in the LoR ranked ladder.

And if you prefer reading, rather than watching or crunching, check Leer's LoR Meta Report from last Monday, 4LW's Countering the Legends of Runeterra Decks from yesterday, or our best LoR decks selection.

Last but not least: all of the above are recommended choices for the Legends of Runeterra Ladder โ€“ if Tournaments or Gauntlets are more your thing, and you're looking for weapons of choice for the upcoming Last Chance Gauntlet or the $1,000 Mastering Runeterra January Open, you may want to check Sirturmund's & Monte's Recommended LoR Tournament and Gauntlet Decks.

January Mastering Runeterra Open Tournament

Good luck out there!