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New Cards, 17 buffs, New Keywords and more! Patch 3.6.0 Preview

Riot tweeted a special look at Patch 3.6.0, leaking the buffs and nerfs to expect, the new cards on the way, new keywords and more!

Today Riot dropped a bit of insight as to what to expect from next week's patch 3.6.0 in a tweet! Let's have a look at what details we've gotten from them!

In addition to the expected champion changes, we're also getting a few new cards, one each for Elites, Udyr, and Reputation! This clearly illustrates what they're going to be pushing with the rest of the patch's changes.

Looking at this, we're getting a grand total of 17 buffs in the coming patch! They've revealed the champions they are buffing are; SionSion, NasusNasus, DariusDarius, KatarinaKatarina, LeonaLeona, NocturneNocturne, KarmaKarma, AsheAshe, LeBlancLeBlanc, GalioGalio, GarenGaren, and finally UdyrUdyr! There are a lot of changes going on here so it feels difficult to anticipate just what could make a huge difference versus being too small to change anything honestly. Whenever you see a previously powerful champion like Sion, Nasus, Darius, or Karma on the buff list though, it can easily make one nervous considering their hay days.

In addition to the champion changes, we will also see some sort of buffs to Hyara Alseer]] , Callous BonecrusherCallous Bonecrusher, Vanguard SquireVanguard Squire, Blood for BloodBlood for Blood, and Swiftwing LancerSwiftwing Lancer! Notably here that is three elites getting the magic touch in addition to the coming new card for elites, that's a spooky prospect seeing as we JUST got over the yordle-apocalypse and another tribe (Group of cards with the same type) getting a huge buff could really warp things. Blood for blood seems like an odd one out here, and I'm curious to see what the buff is and why, as it doesn't fit in too well unless they're somehow trying to fold it in towards more reputation support.

This image feels like the end of an era summed up. I recall everyone talking about bandle city being far too good like it was yesterday, and now that Yordles are out of fashion for the most part, we're seeing two of the cards keeping them relevant nerfed; Yordles in Arms Yordles in Arms and The Bandle TreeThe Bandle Tree. We don't know yet if these cards will be shells of their former selves or simply balanced where they should have been ages ago but I feel a bit melancholic thinking of my good times with those decks. Atop that we see a very relevant and timely nerf in Buried Sun DiscBuried Sun Disc! Some speculation over the last few days has been heavy on the "Add a few numbers onto BSD" so it doesn't flip on 6, but only time will tell on what changes they make to take the menacing pog down a peg. Finally we see AmbushAmbush and Ballistic BotBallistic Bot are biting the dust. With this past patch the two rose up in a big way alongside ViktorViktor's rise to glory, it makes sense that these two cards get a bit of a tweak to bring them back to fairness.

Last but not least, we've been promised things including NEW KEYWORDS and Rule updates with this patch! I'd be interested to see if perhaps Udyr gets a keyword from this added into his stances perhaps. As for the rules changes, hopefully some part of it will be them working with Xerath's Level three form to make it's interactions more logical (I want to use impact still dagnabbit!)

With that we've covered the news from Riot today, all we can do now is excitedly wait for 4/26 when we get the full notes!