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The Void comes to Legends of Runeterra! - June 2022 Dev Snapshot

Today Dave Guskin gave us a look at what to expect in the next expansion with a Dev Snapshot!

Earlier today, we were fortunate to get a short video featuring the glorious head of Legends of Runeterra; Dave Guskin giving us a short Dev Snapshot of what to expect in the upcoming expansion after June.

In the video, Dave confirms one of our next coming champions is Kai'sa, a Shuriman champion who evolves based on her ally's keywords. As you play you will transform her and her followers into stronger versions of themselves. Dave mentions she is focused on a midrange game style with a combo finisher

Alongside her, Dave teases that we will get a few champions who thrive in darkness, and unlikely heroes who use unconventional power sources. Then we are shown a few more void-type images that will be of cards in the next expansion