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Deck Guide: Trundle Gnar, aka Gnarlines

Monte shares his insights and personal decklist for one of his weapons of choice this Season: Trundle Gnar, aka Gnarlines.

Hello everyone, I’m MonteXristo and I’m back with another deck guide! This time we’ll be diving into one of the newest, and best, decks of the expansion - GnarGnar TrundleTrundle Concurrent TimelinesConcurrent Timelines.

This deck was brought to us by Hydra’s 4LW, one of the best players in the AM shard. TrundleTrundle Timelines has existed in the past, but it was never quite good enough to actually warrant playing as the deck didn’t have a fallback plan for when you didn’t draw Concurrent TimelinesConcurrent Timelines or TrundleTrundle

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