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Hallowed Attacks and Harrowing Combos – A Katarina Gwen Deck Guide

Red Gwen has been a LoR staple since it was discovered by the end of Forces from Beyond. Scissorsbox refreshes his guide for this very relevant powerhouse, updating cards, tips, and matchups.

Gwen Katarina Deck Guide

Hey, it’s Scissorsbox back again with another Gwen deck guide – in this case, updating a guide I did four months ago on a deck that has been a staple of the Runeterra meta after it was discovered by the end of Forces from Beyond, and one of the best LoR decks for ladder and Tournaments since then: Gwen Katarina, also known as Red Gwen.

Katarina Gwen is usually classified as a Tempo deck that seeks to finish off the opponent with one of its many combos. Tempo is essentially the momentum of a match, and a Tempo deck aims to use its mana to develop its gameplan, or disrupt the opponent’s gameplan, in an efficient manner. This is the opposite of playing for card advantage, which is aiming to stay alive and disrupt your opponent’s game plan while utilizing fewer cards, in order to gain momentum later in the game with the greater number of cards that you have.

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