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Iii'm Gwizz!! – A Gwen Fizz Deck Guide

After helping the Red Pups take down the Aegis final, Card Gamer shares his team's shiny new, Aatrox-smashing hotness: Gwen Fizz!!

GwenGwen FizzFizz is the newest innovation from Seasonal Champion and occasional meta-breaker FloppyMudkip. A couple of weeks ago Floppy took a shower and thought, “What is the most powerful thing I can do while playing Heavy MetalHeavy Metal and QuietusQuietus?” Then, this happened:

Floppy had no idea what he had spawned. Several different Red Pups started testing, refining, and finding a surprising amount of success on the LoR ladder… even beating Aatrox decks and Katarina Gwen consistently.

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