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Fizz Riven Papercraft Combo: A Deck Guide

bA1lance shows how to refine and optimize a deck, based on data and playtesting, and provides a detailed guide for this Combo archetype

“Choose Your Own Path”

To the card game warriors that, as Riven would say, “choose your own path… learn from your mistakes”: I have the perfect deck for you — Fizz Riven Papercraft Combo!

I enjoy playing Riven decks, and I hope you do as well. Now, just in case you don’t, or are intimidated by piloting a Riven combo deck, let this guide serve as an introduction to the reasons why you should give Fizz Riven a chance. I’d also like to point out that this is a great time to learn a new deck, or even a few, considering that this is a very long season!

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