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Death Had Its Chance! – Draven Sion Has Returned to Pillage the Meta

With the buffs in patch 3.6.0, and a small hand from Vi, Sion has returned, and is arguably one of the best decks for both Tournament and Ladder -- Card Gamer breaks down this fearsome archetype!

DravenDraven SionSion is an aggressively-slanted midrange deck that takes advantage of discard synergies for massive amounts of card advantage and tempo.

Many people may remember this deck from the beginning of the Bandle City expansion. However, the deck faded into obscurity during the Magical Misadventure season due to the rise of AhriAhri KennenKennen, one of Sion’s natural predators, and the multiple nerfs that cards in Sion’s deck accumulated over the patches (Draven lost a point of Toughness, Sion lost 2 Power, and Twin Blade Revenant had its Challenger keyword replaced with Fearsome).

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