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Jayce & New Cards Review

Hi all, Shadawx here to go over the newly revealed cards we are getting with the Arcane mega-event that is coming out tomorrow, November 10th. There are 10 new cards in total and they all look very interesting so let's dive right into it!
Arcane Jayce

Hi all, Shadawx here to go over the newly revealed cards we are getting with the Arcane mega-event that is coming out tomorrow, November 10th. There are 10 new cards in total and they all look very interesting so let's dive right into it!

Jayce/Acceleration Gate/Shock Blast

 With the Arcane event coming up, we have some new cards revealed that could shake up the metagame. The most exciting of them would be the new champion we’re getting, JayceJayce

For those unfamiliar with League of Legends, JayceJayce, The Hero of Tomorrow, was League of Legends’ 100th champion. He can swap his weapon between 2 forms; Mercury Hammer and Mercury Cannon. Mercury Hammer is a melee form where he can jump on enemies or bat them away with his hammer. Mercury Cannon is a ranged form where he can increase his attack speed or shoot a hi-speed Shock Blast from afar. His Acceleration Gate also amplifies his Shock Blasts while in his ranged form.


Now that JayceJayce is arriving in LoR and bringing some other supporting cards with him, he also brings that flavor of playing him in LoL. As the newest Piltover and Zaun champion, his level 1 is a 4 mana 4/4, and on play, he gains a keyword of your choice, Quick Attack or Challenger. His level-up condition is to cast two 6+ cost spells (He does not need to see you cast them). When he levels up, he gives you an Acceleration GateAcceleration Gate in hand. 


JayceJayce’s level 2 form buffs him up to a 5/5 and maintains the same on Play effect, but now also has the ability “Each round, the first time you cast a 6+ cost spell, cast it again on the same targets.” He synergizes well with some of the other new cards like Ferros FinancierFerros Financier which can manifest a 6+ cost spell, Forge of Tomorrow which can net you some mana back after casting a 6+ cost spell, and Hextech AnomalyHextech Anomaly which can cycle through different 6+ cost spells each turn.


JayceJayce is a well-stated unit that can make use of the keywords you can choose to grant him. Once he levels up, the generated Acceleration GateAcceleration Gate is great to use on a big board to let you finish off the game. Furthermore, his level 2 effect is a crazy powerful effect. We know doubling spells is busted since we’ve all seen KarmaKarma decks work. 


To get a deeper look at JayceJayce, let's start by breaking down the 2 keywords he can grant himself and see how each one will stack up against the meta:


Quick Attack 

Picking this on turn 4 with the attack token is quite amazing. If your opponent wants to block JayceJayce with Quick Attack they will either have to take an unfavorable trade or commit a spell. 

The few units in this meta that can block JayceJayce and survive without buffs on turn 4 would be: Lecturing YordleLecturing Yordle, BraumBraum, LeonaLeona, TaricTaric, and Tahm KenchTahm Kench. While these units can block JayceJayce and survive, none will kill him without support or extra resources. Once he’s level 2 and his stats are boosted to 5/5, his threat level just becomes even more deadly.



With this keyword, JayceJayce will be able to pick off those pesky backline units who like to cause trouble for you.

 A turn 4 JayceJayce with Challenger will be able to deal with high threat units that should be removed quickly like: PoppyPoppy, AkshanAkshan, DravenDraven, SivirSivir, ZiggsZiggs, VeigarVeigar, ZedZed, Bandle City MayorBandle City Mayor, ZoeZoe….and pretty much any elusive unit that comes down by this stage of the game.

With his 4/4 stat-line, he can trade favorably into most of those units remaining in play with 1 or 2 health points. Again, by turn 4 there won’t be many units that even have 4 or more attack to trade into JayceJayce. If there is, you can pull one of the other smaller units for a good trade. Units like Stone StackersStone Stackers, Fleetfeather TrackerFleetfeather Tracker, and Laurent ProtegeLaurent Protege (who want to be the ones attacking) are great low attack targets to pull with JayceJayce so they can’t make use of their Impact or Challenger keywords.


Overall, I think this is the trickiest part of JayceJayce. Knowing how to assess the situation and pick the keyword that is right for you. Are you the aggressor and want to push some damage or take free trades? Go for Quick Attack. 

Want to clear out some of their high threat units sitting in the back or want to threaten future ones? Go for Challenger. 

Thinking ahead and understanding the flow of the game like that will help you determine which keyword would be best.



Now for JayceJayce’s level up condition, Acceleration GateAcceleration Gate and his level 2 ability. They’re all tied into each other, so let's take a look at Acceleration GateAcceleration Gate first.

Acceleration GateAcceleration Gate right off the bat looks great as a finisher with a big board. For 6 mana at slow speed, it gives all your units +2/+0 and Quick Attack for the round, but if a unit already has Quick Attack it will give a random keyword instead. Sounds pretty neat right? Now imagine if IT WAS DOUBLED!

Casting this with JayceJayce on board will end up giving everything +4/+0, Quick Attack, AND a random keyword. With Acceleration GateAcceleration Gate being a freely generated card, the value it can get you is great. It can be a finisher or force some favorable trades. 

If you’re looking to end the game, keywords like Overwhelm, Scout, Fearsome, and Elusive can help sneak through damage, while keywords like Tough and Spellshield make them tougher against removal. Even if you know you can’t end the game, it’s still a very strong play.

With everything getting at least Quick Attack and +2/+0, you can force some good trades and get in some good damage!



Now, that we’ve gone over how good Acceleration GateAcceleration Gate can be, let's take a look at making good use of JayceJayce’s level 2 ability.


If you’re playing a deck more focused on leveling up JayceJayce, then chances are your deck has more 6+ cost spells than usual. With JayceJayce’s level 2 ability, the first 6+ cost spell you play each round will be doubled. 

Looking at only the pool for Piltover and Zaun, the spells that would benefit the most from being doubled are: Unlicensed InnovationUnlicensed Innovation, Trueshot BarrageTrueshot Barrage, Progress Day!Progress Day!, Glorious EvolutionGlorious Evolution, and Shock BlastShock Blast. Hextech TransmogulatorHextech Transmogulator and Give It AllGive It All do nothing if doubled. 

Of those listed, Progress Day!Progress Day! and Glorious EvolutionGlorious Evolution are pretty situational…Progress Day!Progress Day! would only be great to double if your hand is very small or else you may overdraw. Glorious EvolutionGlorious Evolution is quite expensive and Augment doesn’t double but the cost reduction does. (Both of these cards have a bit of counter synergy with JayceJayce as they have a cost reduction mechanic attached to them so they may not be the best choice; depending on what other 6+ cost spells you’ve elected to run you may lose the ability to double up on them)


From the other regions, I’ll list some spells that would be overall good to double. I’m thinking about things that give you an advantage like refilling your board or hand, good buffs, or just removal:

Back to BackBack to Back, Brood AwakeningBrood Awakening, For Demacia!For Demacia!, Redoubled ValorRedoubled Valor, RemembranceRemembrance, Shifting SandsShifting Sands, RicochetRicochet, Boomerang BladeBoomerang Blade, Pack MentalityPack Mentality, Mega Inferno BombMega Inferno Bomb, Winter's Breath, Battle FuryBattle Fury, Cosmic InspirationCosmic Inspiration, Destiny's Call, ReinforcementsReinforcements, Strength in NumbersStrength in Numbers, Weapons of the LostWeapons of the Lost, Feel The RushFeel The Rush, and Warmother's Call.

With these cards in mind, JayceJayce looks like he’d synergize well with a couple of champions: 



Lux shares a similar level-up condition as JayceJayce, with Lux needing to see 6+ worth of spells cast. She also grants a Final SparkFinal Spark by meeting those same conditions in her level 2 form. You’re already likely to be running a bunch of 6+ cost spells in your deck, any one of them would be able to instantly level up Lux or grant you a Final SparkFinal Spark.



Heimerdinger’s ability can also make really good use of the 6+ cost spells you’ll be running in a JayceJayce deck. He creates a turret equal to the cost of a spell you cast, and the 6, 7, 8 cost turrets are some of the best ones. That coupled with Acceleration GateAcceleration Gate or some board-wide buffs could make this a very problematic deck to face.

Extra Mention - POROS

PnZ/Frej poros have been missing a solid champion for the deck. With JayceJayce being a great all-around champion, I think he’s an auto-include in a poro deck. 

If you can level him with cards like Pack MentalityPack Mentality and Aurora PorealisAurora Porealis you’ll then be able to double up on those spells and get access to Acceleration GateAcceleration Gate. It just seems like he would find a nice home here with his fluffy friends.


The last point of interest is JayceJayce’s champ spell, Shock BlastShock Blast. A 6 mana slow spell that deals 3 damage to an enemy or their Nexus, and 3 damage to another. 

Being a 6 cost spell, it already synergizes by helping you level JayceJayce or providing a good payoff for use of his level 2 ability. Even without those pay-offs, dealing 3 and 3 to two enemies is not that bad;  but it does suffer from its slow speed, making it unusable in combat and easy to disrupt. I think the best part of this spell is the fact that it can be used on the enemy Nexus as well, so it offers some burn while helping control the board.

Since Shock BlastShock Blast is JayceJayce’s champ spell, that means it can be maindecked even without JayceJayce. Control decks that have PnZ in them with champs like HeimerdingerHeimerdinger, EzrealEzreal, or SennaSenna will love this card as a board control tool while offering ways to damage the Nexus.

Some of the downsides to JayceJayce I would say is the fact that while his stats are solid, there’s one card in the meta that is problematic for JayceJayce and that card is Lecturing YordleLecturing Yordle. Its solid stats and generated Poison DartPoison Dart are quite annoying since it’s a solid blocker with an inherent way to ping off JayceJayce afterward. 

Another problem is leveling up JayceJayce can take a while. It can be hard to find the right time to commit mana to cast those 6+ cost spells. If you’re against a faster deck like Elusives or Ziggs Poppy Burn, then you might not have time to cast two expensive spells before dying.

Overall though, I think JayceJayce is very strong and I’m excited to see what kind of brews you all come up with!

Hextech Anomaly

Hextech Anomaly

A very interesting card, Hextech AnomalyHextech Anomaly will cycle through a random 6+ cost spell whenever you see it or on round start. The interesting part is that it can sit in your hand until it becomes the best card you need for a situation. 

Need to clear the board? Let's hope for Ruination or Icequake Icequake

Want to just win the game? Pray it rolls into Feel The RushFeel The Rush or Mind MeldMind Meld

Need more cards in hand? Thanks Progress Day!Progress Day! and Treasured TrashTreasured Trash!

While the card is interesting in that it could be anything, it could also become a dead card most of the time, either being too expensive for the mana you have or something straight up unplayable. It is a very RNG-dependent card, but I can see it making for some interesting content.

The Forge of Tomorrow

The Forge of Tomorrow

Forge Worker

The Forge Of TomorrowThe Forge Of Tomorrow is a very solid landmark for the 6+ cost spell archetype. It gives you a unit right away on summon, it gives you 3 mana back when casting those expensive spells, and it fits nicely on curve.

With it on board, you can play one of those 6+ cost spells and not tap out of mana completely that turn, this will let you cast something else cheaper or just bank the spell mana again into the following turn. 

In decks like Glorious Evolution Shellfolk, on your big Glorious EvolutionGlorious Evolution turn, this will give you some mana back to continue playing spells and buffing your Augmented units. You can do things like bank 3 mana, play this on round 3, and play something like Assembly LineAssembly Line or Shock BlastShock Blast two rounds in a row.

Overall a very solid card for PnZ decks that run at least a few 6+ cost spells. 

Assembly Line

Assembly Line

A new spell to help along the PnZ side of the 6+ mana spell archetype, Assembly LineAssembly Line will give you two Forge WorkerForge Worker to fight with. It can come down as early as round 3 and would be a great option to build up a board, either for pressure or as blockers.

With JayceJayce level 2, you could double this and have a nearly full board for 6 mana. Speaking of JayceJayce since this is giving you a nice wide board, Acceleration GateAcceleration Gate should synergize nicely. The Forge WorkerForge Worker are nothing too special with only 3/3 stats but they can become extremely threatening with Quick Attack and +2/+0 or more.

Forge Chief

Forge ChiefForge Chief seems like a solid 1 drop that could find a home in any PnZ deck. Being able to constantly refill 1 spell mana whenever it strikes is worthwhile, especially if it goes unanswered for multiple turns. 

In an aggro deck, this can help bank up spell mana for burn spells while being able to curve out on followers. 

In a control deck, this would be able to help give some early board presence while letting you get value out of blocking. I think in a control deck, the Piltover and Zaun 1 drops were lacking aside from Fallen FelineFallen Feline or Zaunite UrchinZaunite Urchin, which didn’t fit in every deck.

Current decks this could fit in? I don’t think it would fit well into something like Draven/Sion or Discard Aggro, but perhaps in the old PnZ/SI burn decks or the Scathus pile control deck. This could give the boost those SI/PnZ decks needed to help their early game curve.

Ferros Financier

Solid 2 mana 2/2 follower that helps support the 6+ cost spell archetype. Being able to Manifest a spell, rather than a random one, allows you to pick what you could use and make use of in the turns to come. 

Even late in the game, he can come in clutch, as he has the chance to find some form of removal or to generate some sort of value. With the only real good 2 drops in PnZ being Ballistic BotBallistic Bot and Boom BaboonBoom Baboon, I think Ferros FinancierFerros Financier will quickly become a staple in PnZ control decks, specifically Shellfolk decks or Zoe/Vi. 

Hextech Handler

HeimerdingerHeimerdinger support? In this day and age? And it’s actually decent?!

Hextech HandlerHextech Handler is a great card for the Tech archetype. Being able to grant all your Techs everywhere +1/+1 really helps HeimerdingerHeimerdinger’s turrets by enabling them to survive pings while also allowing them to dish out more damage. 

On the topic of turrets, since Hextech HandlerHextech Handler requires a 6+ cost spell to activate, one would assume you’re playing some 6 mana spells which lets HeimerdingerHeimerdinger generate his most obnoxious turret, the Mk6: Floor-B-GoneMk6: Floor-B-Gone. With the Elusive keyword attached to this turret, it’ll be tough for your opponent to find a blocker. Since it will now have that extra point of health from Hextech HandlerHextech Handler’s buff, it can’t be pinged off. 

You may even be able to further buff it by casting something like For Demacia!For Demacia! or Acceleration GateAcceleration Gate... I sure wouldn’t want that to connect with my Nexus.

Overall this is a neat solid support card for the Tech archetype, and perhaps it’ll be the push it needs to see more play. This also would work with Glorious EvolutionGlorious Evolution, but that avenue seems like much more of a meme.

Albus Ferros

The JayceJayce boat, Albus FerrosAlbus Ferros is a 7 mana follower that will fetch a JayceJayce to your hand on summon. While this is nice and all, his real power lies within his ability. If you’re playing a deck where you need to tutor JayceJayce and are running this card, then chances are you’re running a bunch of 6+ cost spells. That means by the time you get Albus FerrosAlbus Ferros down, his ability will be hitting for about 3 or more damage to the Nexus. 

While this might seem promising, at the moment I feel it might be a bit too slow to make an appearance. However, I think it has the potential to be a nice finisher card or maybe a 1 of in some decks.

Ferros Skycruiser

4 mana Elusive that can grow up to a 4/4? Seems pretty decent.

Elusives have always been a bit of a problem in the game since they’re hard to deal with if you don’t have removal. And most decks don’t run their own Elusives to trade off. With Ferros SkycruiserFerros Skycruiser’s base form having 4 health and the potential for its attack to grow, it shouldn’t be too difficult to keep it alive until you can get one of those big spells down.

The question is, how much play will this card see in more traditional PnZ control decks? Or will a new Elusive PnZ deck come to take over the meta with this card at the helm?

The wrap-up

Well, that’s it for the thoughts and recaps on the new cards. I hope that some of my insights and ideas were able to inspire you to try out the new cards and I look forward to seeing all the new Piltover and Zaun brews out there.

Don’t forget, tomorrow November 10th, at 10 am PDT is when the new cards will be available and when the brand new PvE mode is out!

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