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Jack Seraphine Deck Guide

This Jack Seraphine Bar deck has all the tools needed to beat the competition. If you love big powerful control decks than look no further!

The best Jack Seraphine Deck

What’s up everyone, Yangzera back with another deck guide, and this time for a deck I’ve personally been playing and having great success with, which is SeraphineSeraphine JackJack.With the standard rotation, the power level of the game has gone down drastically, which made Back Alley BarBack Alley Bar not a terrible card again. Some of it is also due to JackJack’s effect, giving you a few CoinCoins that can be used for extra tempo as soon as Bar comes down, with even one CoinCoin trigger being very relevant.

Versatility in gameplay

Jack Seraphine offers a similar playstyle to that of KarmaKarma decks with the exception that it actually has a clear win condition in Mischievous MaraiMischievous Marai, and Marai is really just a gross card at doing anything in this deck. From board clearing to burst speed lethal, our deck revolves around getting lots of value off Powder KegPowder Kegs, which often means we can deal with boards of any size, granted we can play around opposing interaction tools.

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